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Decorating With Paint

I’ve been a fan of white interiors for a long time now. Most of my home has been painted in the same shade of warm white since I first moved in. It’s simple and fresh, and creates a great backdrop for whatever furnishings, art, and accessories I’m into. But I’ve been thinking of changing things up, and there’s no easier way than with a bucket of paint.

I’ve worked with colour before, with varying degrees of success. One of my favourite decorating decisions was painting my bedroom ceiling in a shade of the lightest blue. It was something I tried years ago, and stuck with until just recently. It looked beautiful with my white trim, and I just loved waking up to ceiling that looked a little like the sky.

I’ve started to fall in love with (more…)

DIY Chalkboard With My Latest Thrift Store Find

make this easy DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via
Who doesn’t love a great thrift store score?

You all know that some of my favourite finds over the years have come from my local Value Village. Remember the dining hutch I turned into a record cabinet for my oldest? And the candleholders and bird bath I made during my recent glue-cool-things-together phase? And then, of course, sometimes I find something that’s perfect just the way it is, like these beautiful vintage bar glasses.

I love all of these things because they’re original. And you can’t beat the price. If you try a makeover and it doesn’t work, you’re only out a few bucks. I can live with that!

I’m lucky enough to have a Value Village nearby, and so I drop in from time to time to check it out. I’ve found some real keepers here, from vintage glass ornaments to a set of beautiful prints of the Roman Forum. And of course I buys many of my props for styling my food photos. My local Value Village has been very good to me over the years!

Thrifting is best when you go with an open mind. Like I did this week when I went looking for curtains I could make over for my daughter’s room, and came home with an ornate mirror instead. That’s the way it goes with thrifting.

The mirror became this DIY chalkboard project, which I think looks spectacular in my daughters curtainless room.

Make this DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via

You can see from the photos that this mirror was someone else’s failed makeover project. It looks like someone (more…)

Two Farm Fresh Recipes Your Family Will Love

Delicious Berry Cream Puff recipe via
These recipes feature one of my favourite ingredients – eggs. They’re a versatile and healthy ingredient in many dishes, and they make a great stand-alone meal too.

Eggs are the first thing I turn to when I’m in a rush and need something easy. I go through different phases with my quickie egg meals. Sometimes I’m into making a frittata, with some parmesan cheese and whatever vegetable I have handy. Lately it’s all about mashed avocado on gluten-free toast with an over-easy egg on top – something my oldest made up that I love too. Sometimes I throw a hard boiled egg in a salad – particularly good with asparagus, and spinach or other cooked greens. The options are endless, and I’ve enjoyed many healthy and fast egg based meals over the years.

Not only are eggs delicious and easy to cook, they’re packed with nutrition. I love it when I know something I’m eating is actually working for me. Here are some great reasons to feel great next time you eat an egg.

Easy and delicious recipe for Berry Cream Puffs via


1. Brain Power
Eggs contain choline, which stimulates brain development and function. And who wouldn’t benefit from a little help in the (more…)

Why You Need Probiotics

why you need probiotics and how they can help your health via
And not just any probiotics. You need the right ones.

I’ve been a long time user of probiotics, since they play such a key role in digestive health. Antibiotic overuse as a child had thrown my system way out of balance, and I knew probiotics were key to the improvements I was looking for. But I haven’t always seen dramatic results, and recently I found out why.

I was invited to meet alternative health expert and television host Bryce Wylde, the author of Wylde On Health. He gave an engaging and informative talk on digestive health and the role of probiotics, and I realized that many of my assumptions were off track. With a background in Chemical Engineering, I usually like to dig deep whenever I make my health decisions, but I realized I still had a lot to learn about probiotics and their relationship to my health.

Did you know that each year over 20 million Canadians, children and adults, suffer from (more…)

Hit It Out Of The Park For Your Next Party: Easy Bruschetta With Vodka And The Best Vodka Cocktail Ever!

Easy recipes for Bruschetta With Vodka and Mint, Cucumber, and Lime Vodka Cocktail - make your next party a hit! via
Summer’s here – time to head outdoors and chill in the backyard with friends. We Canadians know how to make the most out of our warmer months, and Rule Number One is “Keep It Easy”. It’s time for no-stress, no-fuss entertaining, and these two recipes are just what you need to make your next gathering a big hit. You can throw them together in no time, and I guarantee your friends will want to come back for seconds.

Easy recipes for Bruschetta With Vodka and Mint, Cucumber, and Lime Vodka Cocktail - make your next party a hit! via

Easy recipes for Bruschetta With Vodka and Mint, Cucumber, and Lime Vodka Cocktail - make your next party a hit! via

First up – bruschetta. This is a summer staple at my house. All you need is some fresh ripe tomatoes, a little garlic and olive oil, and some fresh herbs. Chop everything up in bowl, toast a few slices of French stick, and you’re done. Well, almost! The kicker in this recipe is a splash of vodka. Just enough to turn this popular appetizer into a (more…)

DIY Birdbath From Vintage Glass

Easy DIY birdbath for your garden made from vintage glass via
Those of you who drop in regularly know I love myself a great thrift store find. I get a little rush every time I score something fun and unique and cheap.

You may remember the fun Value Village Tour I did last fall with some blogger friends. I found some vintage glassware and made these Vintage glass candle holders that still sit on my table. I’ve been feeling the thrifting bug again lately, so I headed out this week to my favourite Value Village locations to see what I could find. I grabbed a coffee and made an afternoon of it. I chose a route through Toronto that took me to 3 great locations – my idea of a fun day.

I’m always drawn to the vintage glass. I usually find something I’d love to bring home, but my cupboard space is pretty limited. My yard, however, is HUGE, and so I thought of a fun project that allowed me to collect a few more pieces.

Easy DIY birdbath for your garden made from vintage glass via

A birdbath!

Why not? My feathered friends deserve a little boho style. And I love the idea of (more…)

My Latest Love – Elte Market

Elte Market furniture showroom review via
Elte has been a staple on the Toronto design scene since 1944. I can’t think of the number of times I have drooled over some stunning piece of furniture in that store. And now they’ve launched a younger, trendier sibling just down the road.

Elte Market appeals to the urban homeowner, who’s looking for design worthy furnishings that are easier on the budget. Jamie and Andrew Metrick, whose family has operated Elte for four generations, travel the globe sourcing materials and looking for inspiration. You’ll find everything from washed linen bedding to decorative cushions to gorgeous couches, beds, and dining tables.

Rugs at Elte Market, Toronto via

And the rugs! Don’t get me started on the rugs. Their vast collection takes up the back half of the store, and ranges from $600 – $1200. Love vintage over-dyed kilims? Yup, they’ve got those. Rugs woven with scraps of sari silk? You’ll find those too. Patchwork cowhide? Oh, yeah. With over 2000 in stock, there’s something for everyone.

I dropped by Elte Market last week and I wanted to share some of my favourite finds with you. Let’s start in the accessories section at the front of the 50,000 square foot space. First up – gold! I can’t get enough of this warm metal, and I found some fun and fab accessories that would add the perfect trendy touch.

Gorgeous gold accessories at Elte Market in Toronto via

Clockwise, from top right: Wilbur bookends, gold candleholders, Leaf tray, Cylinder hurricane and Audrey vase, Rex moneybank


There were accessories in every other colour, too. Here are (more…)

#RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat Helps You With First Home Jitters

#RBCFirstHome twitter chat
Or any new home purchase jitters!

Your home is probably the single biggest purchase you will ever make, and that can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s the kind of thing that overwhelms a person like me. I remember making the decision to buy my current home, and then running over to knock on a neighbour’s door to tell her, and then promptly bursting into tears.

At times like that, you can really use a few helpful experts in your corner. Because while my neighbour was lovely and tried to comfort me, she really couldn’t help me with all the questions I still had.

The #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat taking place tomorrow night is designed for just that – to help you with all your (more…)

Farm Family Recipes With Eggs

Easy And Delicious Vanilla Chiffon Cake recipe via
Eggs are a staple in our house. They seem to be an ingredient in all of my favourite dishes. I’ve told you before about some of my go-to egg-based recipes, like meringues and frittata. And whenever someone’s hungry, and I need a quick and easy meal, I always reach for the eggs. You can whip up a few eggs, with some milk and cheese and whatever vegetable you have lying around, and you have a light meal in minutes.

I also love that eggs are nutrition powerhouses – so important when you’re trying to feed kids who are always on the go. I know my girls eat more junk than I’d like, but I feel really good when I can balance that out with nutrient-packed meals. A single egg contains 6 grams of protein, half the daily allowance of vitamin B12, and many other nutrients including vitamins A, D and E, iron, zinc, and choline. Eggs are one of the few foods considered to be a complete protein, because they contain all 9 essential amino acids. I’ll often take a hard boiled egg with me for a snack when I need something on the go.

One of the nicest ways to eat eggs is in a delicious recipe, and I have two great ones here to share with you. They’re for two classic dishes – Eggy Potatoe Au Gratin, and Vanilla Chiffon Cake. Both of these are farmer-recommended, which I love. There’s just something comforting about country cooking, and these two traditional recipes are sure to please your family.
Eggy Potato Au Gratin Recipe via
I’m heading up to the family cottage for Easter weekend, and I’ll be (more…)

Campy Candle #Giveaway!

It's Your Birthday candle by Campy - a giveaway via
I wanted to introduce you to one of my latest finds. It’s the “It’s You’re Birthday” hand-poured soy candle by Campy. I gave this candle to my oldest at Christmas, to cheer up her home-away-from-home room at university. First thing she did with it? Pop it into her drawer to make her clothes smell nice. I asked her to review it for this blog post, and she said, “It smells awesome, Mum!” Basically, an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up.

It's Your Birthday candle by Campy - a giveaway via

What do I love about these candles? They’re soy, which means they’re cleaner burning and longer lasting. They’re handmade, which is something I always love to support. And best of all, they’re cute AND (more…)

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