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Turn Thrift Store Bowls Into Gorgeous Candleholders

Make these gorgeous candleholders out of glass dessert bowls from the thrift store!
Love these candleholders? You can make some for yourself from a few thrift store bowls.

Make these gorgeous candle holders out of glass dessert bowls from the thrift store!

For these ones, I used 5 bowls and (more…)

The Best Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad

The Best Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad via
The weather’s getting cooler and I’m starting to crave some fall dishes. Brussels sprouts are not high on my list, but this happens to be one of my favourite salads. It doesn’t taste at all like the brussels sprouts you’re thinking of, trust me!

I first wrote about this salad after a visit to (more…)

How To Get Healthier Right Now!

How To Get Healthier WIth Juicing via
I’m big on health challenges. It’s a sure fire way to get me going in the right direction. I had huge success last year with my family’s gluten-free, sugar-free eating challenge. It started off as a fun bet, but by the end we all realized how much better we felt when we reduced gluten. Big lesson. And it lasted long enough to get us all to drop some bad habits and replace them with better ones.

There’s a new eating challenge I’ve just started this week, and you can join in too. And I kicked it off by finally (more…)

How To Stencil With Bleach

How to stencil with bleach - a quick and easy DIY via
If you’re like me, you find random stains and bleach spots on items of clothing all the time. How they get there, I’ll never know. I blame the house elf.

How to stencil with bleach - a quick and easy DIY via

Here’s a quick and easy way to reclaim some of your favs, and have a little DIY fun while you’re at it. Nads got me on to this trick when she made my girls some sweet tanks for Valentine’s Day one year. It’s an easy craft, even for beginners, and a good way to revamp (more…)

Artichoke and Asiago Fritto


Anyone who knows me, knows I have an ongoing love affair with the artichoke.  They are one of my favorite foods, and I am always on a quest to cook up a new way to enjoy them.  They are usually in season in the springtime. but lately I have spotted them jarred in water at my local Costco.  I toyed with how to use them, and after hearing about an old school presentation where they were fried, I decided to put my spin on the idea.  Results:  over the top deliciousness!  These are the bomb, but beware – you can down them like popcorn and they (more…)

How To Grow Chamomile For Tea

how to grow chamomile for tea via #diy #garden
My grandmother always grew her own chamomile for tea. She used to dry it in her attic, which was a magical place to explore during my childhood trips to her home in Italy. The smell of chamomile still brings me back to those days.

Grow your own chamomile for tea via #garden #herbs #diy

I think my grandmother believed chamomile tea with honey fixed just about anything. She used to mail us some of her (more…)

Enter Our Summer Blast $1000 Cash Giveaway!

Summer Blast $1000 Giveaway
Want to plan a little end-of-summer blast? We’re happy to team up with these amazing bloggers to bring you a chance at a cool $1000.

What would you do with an extra $1000 in your pocket? My girls are my go-to advice givers when I want to have some extra fun. They’re always guaranteed to add their own brand of creative whackiness. So here are Olivia and Isabel’s suggestions:

How To Spend An Extra $1000:
Install a backyard zipline
Take your family go-carting 12.5 times
Buy a lot of pillows and have a giant pillow fight

Of course, you can have your own style of fun with the cash. But not unless (more…)

Stay-cation Daytripping: Destination Tobermory


We’ve been trying to get away for a week or two all summer long and for one reason or another, (all really boring however all legit) we haven’t quite been able to.  This weekend we took off to the cottage for some quiet time, but with the end of the summer looming we found ourselves a wee bit restless to hit the road and rustle up a little adventure.  We decided to day trip and headed north to Tobermory.


Now we are a real road tripping crew.  We love packing up the car and heading anywhere, enjoying a long drive, chilling with some tunes and shooting the breeze while we explore a little bit of the countryside.  Day tripping is a great way to get a little bit of that vacation vibe while (more…)

DIY Rustic Branch Curtain Rods

DIY branch curtain rod
The best thing about blogging is all the great blogging friends you make. Talented, inspiring women, the kind of people who can find a tree branch in their backyard and whip up a new curtain rod, all before they have finished their first coffee of the day.

And the next best thing about blogging is that you get to shamelessly steal their ideas. Like a branch curtain rod, for example.

DIY branch curtain rod

The inspiring woman I stole this idea from is my friend Lynne Knowlton, who whipped up a few of these one day, probably while holding a latte in one hand. She also whipped up a tree house to match the curtain rods, but I haven’t stolen that idea yet. I figure I’ll do the curtain rods first, and worry about the breath-taking, jaw-dropping (more…)

A Sneak Peek of the T&T Night Market

T&T NightMarket

I’ve spent quite a bit of time traveling through Asia in the past decade and one of my favorite pastimes is wandering around a local night market haggling with hawkers for a nibble of street food.  Asia is world renowned for their variety of scrumptious snack food, available on every street corner and aggregating nightly at some square or massive parking lot.


T&T NightMarket

We got a chance to sample our very own night market here in Toronto this weekend compliments of (more…)