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DIY Felt Notebook Covers

Make these easy DIY felt notebook covers. They make a perfect gift! via
I’m excited to announce I’ve joined a group of talented bloggers in a 12 Months Of DIY Challenge! I’m jumping in a bit late, so for me it’s more like a 6 Months Of DIY Challenge. But no matter – there will still be lots of fun crafting going on around here in the next little while.

Make these quick and easy felt notebook covers! They make the perfect inexpensive gift! Via

I love group projects like this for so many reasons. Primarily, they keep you honest. There’s nothing like a group of (more…)

Getting Healthy With Kuvings

Getting healthy with juicing using the Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer via
I’ve been on the hunt for the juicer of my dreams for a while. I need one that doesn’t struggle with the fibrous veggies I like to juice (like celery and kale), doesn’t choke on wheatgrass (my favourite juicing superfood), and breezes through hard vegetables like carrots and beats. And, above all, it must be easy to use and easy to clean. I’m basically looking for the Queen Bee of juicers.

I think I’ve found it.

For the next little while, I’ll be testing out the Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer. I’ll be putting it through its paces while I’m juicing up pitchers of “health in a glass” for the whole family. And the early reports are in – it’s looking (more…)

Tips And Tricks For Eating Healthier And Shopping Smarter

Tips and tricks for eating healthier and shopping smarter via

Long time Lifeovereasy fans know that we’re big on food around here. We’re often not an easy crowd – the food has to be delicious, easy enough to prepare, and these days it has to be healthy, too. It’s a lot for a busy mom to figure out.

And don’t you find the health criteria is getting more and more complicated? We don’t have major allergies or health issues in my family, but over the years we have found ourselves adopting some alternative eating habits by both necessity and choice. I’ve written about the “gluten-free challenge” that lasted many months around here and created permanent changes in our diet. My athlete daughter has often had to eat differently, for performance or energy or healing an injury, and we all tend to join her. My oldest is currently avoiding all dairy, gluten, and sugar, which changes all of our family meals. And personally, I find eating cleaner and better has become more and more important to me as I age. Figuring all this out takes a lot of energy!

It’s not just me, either. Dietary restrictions are common these days. If you’re feeding a crowd, (more…)

Crustless Chai-Coconut Pie

Easy and delicious Chai Coconut Pie dessert recipe via - try it for your next family dinner!
Who doesn’t love pie? It’s always a favourite around my dinner table, and this light and fresh recipe is perfect for spring, or any time of year.

And best of all, it features one of my favourite ingredients – farm-fresh eggs. Regular readers will know that I think eggs are nutrient-packed powerhouses, and their versatility makes them the perfect go-to food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ve heard me call them “nature’s multivitamins,” for good reason. Did you know that 1 egg has just 70 calories and provides 14 key nutrients as well as an excellent source of hunger-curbing protein? One of my favourite quick meals these days is an over-easy egg with avocado on whole-grain toast. A bonus is that (more…)

Easy Holiday Recipes With Eggs

Delicious Yorkshire Pudding - perfect for your holiday meals or even an appetizer! via
Eggs are my favourite multi-purpose, nutrition-packed food. You can use them to make everything from your favourite desserts to a quick and satisfying dinner. And during the busy holidays, nothing beats quick in my book!

Long time readers will be familiar with some of my favourite recipes I’ve featured on the blog, like my garlic scape frittata, lemon semifreddo, and my favourite cheesecake. And also my Little Meringue Christmas Trees, which are perfect for this time of year. I’m excited to say I have 2 more great recipes featuring eggs that I’ll be sharing with you today, courtesy of the Egg Farmers of Ontario. These easy and delicious recipes are perfect next time you need a stress-free appetizer or side dish for a holiday party or pot luck, or just to treat your family.

But first, I’d like to highlight one of the things I love the most about eggs – they’re one of nature’s most (more…)

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