Mini Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Cakes – A Gluten-Free, Healthier Dessert

Delicious mini chocolate banana ice cream cakes for dessert!  Recipe via
Making memories.

That’s a big part of parenting some times. Stashing the good times away in a memory bank somewhere, to draw on when you need them. And you need them a lot when you kids hit their teens – just sayin’ ;)

mini chocolate banana ice cream cakes for dessert, recipe via

What’s a better way to make great memories than to bake something delicious with your kids? My girls know their way around the kitchen, and we’ve whipped up some great things over the years. Desserts are a favourite, and I can always (more…)

5 Amazing Drinks You Can Make With Frothed Milk

5 Amazing Drink Recipes You Can Make With Frothed Milk
If you’ve been visiting lately, you’ve read all about my love affair with my new Saeco Minuto coffee machine. We have permanently packed away the old stovetop espresso makers, and joined the modern age of fully automated, freshly-ground coffee at your fingertips, just the way you like it. Our coffee standards have gone (more…)

Crispy Crusted Great Lakes Pickerel


For as long as I can remember the official kick-off to the holidays at my house has been marked by serving a multi-course smorgasbord of fish and seafood on Christmas Eve.

Now if you’re like me, someone who actually prefers fish to any other kind of protein, this is like a dinner dream come true but for many sitting around the table, eating a meal consisting of multiple courses of fish does not appear very high at the top of their holiday wish list (it’s been described to me kinda like a visit to the dentist; yes it’s a tough crowd sometimes).

As the cook, the ultimate satisfaction is achieved when you create a menu that (more…)

Handmade Holiday – DIY Beaded Star Ornament

DIY Beaded Star Ornament via - an easy and inexpensive craft, perfect for holiday gift giving!
I have Christmas on my mind these days.

It’s a little early for me. Usually I don’t really start thinking about the holidays until either the snow hits or December 1st arrives – whichever comes last. But this year, I’m already in the holiday mood.

We’ve had our first snowstorm, and my Christmas-loving youngest is already playing the holiday tunes. She’s a die-hard Christmas fan, and her countdown phone app is telling us we only have 30 days left. She had a little school break recently, so we decided to spend some time hanging out and making some handmade presents. You may know that we have a tradition in our family of exchanging handmade gifts at Christmas. This started years ago as a way to cut back on the seasonal excess (didn’t work), and we’ve kept up with it just for fun. And some of our handmade gifts over the years have been the best.

DIY Beaded Star Ornament via - an easy and inexpensive craft, perfect for holiday gift giving!

Isabel has been knitting away, and I decided to pull out my old beads and make a few ornaments. I have a bit of an ornament “thing,” and I’ve collected hundreds over the years. My collection started with (more…)

Massaman Curry Chicken with Sweet Potatoes & Peas

massaman chicken
What could be better on these cold damp and oh-so-close-to winter evenings than a hearty healthy helping of Thai curry yumminess?

I am a big big fan of any kind of curry and this Massaman blend is one of my favorites.  I generally like to make my own curry pastes but when I tried this paste from Thai Kitchen, I was happily surprised at how much it tasted like the real thing.  I always have a jar handy in my pantry for those nights when I’m short on time and need a quick and delicious meal on the table.

The flavors are deep and complex, very rich and tasty.  I really do love any Thai curry.  They are remarkably healthy, deriving all of their flavor from a blend of herbs, spices and roots.  Add a super food like coconut milk to these pastes and you’ll have a delicious satisfying meal that’s good for you too.  Out-of-the-park in my book.

Here is my riff on a traditional Massaman, made with sweet potatoes, peas and chicken drumsticks.  Try this on a weeknight with some (more…)

Jeweled Christmas Tree

easy DIY jeweled Christmas tree art via

photo by Melissa DiRenzo

Got a drawer full of old jewelry you don’t use? Why not repurpose it into a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of Christmas art!

I’ll tell you everything you need to know to make this beautiful jeweled tree below, but first I’m beyond excited to announce that #MerryMag is here! It’s a holiday magazine put together by a group of talented bloggers just for you! It’s full of holiday inspiration and ideas that will help you make this season special. Because who doesn’t love a handmade touch? From food and drinks to table settings and decor, this magazine has something for everyone. These bloggers are all women who love to create, and I hope you’ll support this little project of ours and share Merry Magazine with all your friends!

Merry - A Handmade Holiday Guide via

I’m thrilled that Merry Mag features 2 of my projects. My Little Meringue Christmas Trees are a sweet touch for your holiday table. And this Jeweled Christmas Tree art is an easy DIY that can you can make yourself with a (more…)

Little Meringue Christmas Trees

Mini Meringue Christmas Trees via
The holidays are just around the corner, and there is 1 special project I’m super excited to tell you about. You may have seen sneak peaks on social media of some fabulous holiday projects with the hashtag #MerryMag. Well the big reveal is almost here! Come back tomorrow when we launch a special holiday magazine packed with inspiration from 15 of my most talented blogger friends. I have seen some of the projects, and I can promise you that you won’t want to miss this! I am just in awe of the talent that is out there in Canadian blog land.
(UPDATE:  It’s here!  It’s here!  Check out Merry – A Hand Made Holiday Guide for 100 pages of blogger awesomeness!  I guarantee you will be inspired to create something fab yourself!)

Mini Meringue Christmas Trees via

One of the desserts featured in the magazine is a cluster of these little meringue trees I made recently with (more…)

Saeco, Meet Zabaglione

Zabaglione recipe with coffee from the Saeco Minuto machine via
My Saeco Minuto and I have been getting along great lately. We’ve been hanging out in the mornings, getting to know each other better. She makes me the perfect coffee, while I read the paper. And on those days when I really need a boost, she’ll make me another one in my travel mug just before I fly out the door. Sometimes I wonder how I managed without her all these years.

She’s even converted all the picky coffee drinkers in my house. With all her options, she satisfies everybody. My youngest uses her for frothing milk or making a cappuccino, the hubby likes a full cup of coffee, and I tend to go for (more…)

Book Love: The Trinity Book Sale

Trinity College - My Favourite Book Sale via
Those of you who have been reading Lifeovereasy since the beginning know I write about the Trinity Book Sale every year. It’s one of my favourite events, and I try never to miss it.

Trinity College - My Favourite Book Sale via

I first went as a young student about ….ummm… 30 years or so ago. (It actually hurt me to (more…)

Welcome To My Life, Saeco

Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine review via
Coffee. It’s the glue that holds my marriage together.

This is because early on in our marriage, my husband developed the lovely habit of bringing me a nice coffee to wake me up in the morning. He leaves it on my bedside table, which makes the enormous effort involved in opening my eyes in the morning just a tiny bit easier.

I’m not much of a morning person.

You may think this coffee thing he does is an indulgence, but it’s not. Things like this are an absolute necessity in a marriage. You can forgive A LOT of things if you get bedside coffee in the morning. My husband is a smart man.

But he might be getting a little nervous, because I have a new (more…)