5 Things We Learned At BlogPodium

Posted by Dani on May 26, 2012

Today we attended the fabulous BlogPodium conference on “The Business of Blogging.” The charming Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely gave her insider’s perspective on how to monetize a blog. There was a great discussion by a panel of experts included representatives from Gluckstein Home and Tribal DDB, and bloggers Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme and Lindsay Stephenson of Little House Blog. For all you bloggers who couldn’t make it, here’s our recap of what we learned.

1. Design Bloggers Rock
None of the pretentious atmosphere you often find at industry events. People were friendly, interested, supportive and easy to talk to. This was a great crowd.

2. Ask For What You Want
Don’t sit around and wait for opportunities to come to you. Reach out, connect and don’t be shy. Don’t be intimidated or hesitate to ask for help or opportunities.

3. Formulate Strategic Proposals
Take you ideas, think about how you might work with a brand, PR agency or another blogger and develop it into a proposal. Be brief but highlight what works for both parties.

4. Dedicate Time
The successful bloggers out there dedicate a lot of time to what they do. Plan to spend a regular, consistent amount of time creating your content and advancing your brand.

5. Be Patient And Persistent
Growing your blog takes time. The bigger blogs were once just like you, so don’t worry about where you’re at right now, just keep moving. And have some fun along the way!

Special shout out to Jennifer and Lindsey, the co-founders of BlogPodium, who put on such an amazing event. And to all the other friendly, interesting bloggers we met today. You all rock!





4 Responses to “5 Things We Learned At BlogPodium”

  1. What a great recap of a wonderful event!
    It was lovely to meet both of you, and I look forward to reading your blog, and seeing you at the next BlogPodium 😉

  2. Fantastic recap! It was so awesome to meet my arch-rivals. Wait, did I even spell that right?! I have never had a blog enemy before. LOL.Hahahaaaaaa ! Much love to you both ! It was SO AWESOME to meet both of you. So funny how it all happened. Bathroom memories…and my first morning chat with meeting my first blogging pal….Love it !
    Lynne xx

    • Dani says:

      it was destiny! i think we are going to have great fun being blognemies. or eneblogs (uuhhh, maybe not!) let’s discuss is over a glass of wine! and instead of hahahhahhh, it will have to be mwaaahahahhaaa!
      xo, dani + nads

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