The Amazing Spider-Man is Ripped. And Dazzling.

Posted by Dani on July 25, 2012

Today we have a guest post by the lovely and clever IsaStar, who is giving us her teen perspective on the new Spider-Man movie. Do you have kids? Want to know how they think? Read what IsaStar says in her great stream-of-teen-consciousness style. We don’t want to insult all the professional movie critics out there, but these random teen thoughts are way more entertaining. Especially when they’re not on the other side of a discussion about going to a party and staying out far too late. After all, what movie review is complete without talking about the star being ripped?

The Amazing Spider-Man. Very amazing. Not too spider-y. The perfect balance between funny and thrilling. I went to see it the other day, and I think I fell in love. Andrew Garfield is the best possible actor for this part. Not only do he and Emma Stone look absolutely adorable together, he’s just quirky enough to make you laugh while he fights super-villains.

Honestly, Spider-man has always been my least favorite super-hero out of everyone I’ve heard of. I kind of have a thing for spiders, in a bad way. It really wasn’t creepy at all, except for the part when he was bit.

Spider-man is the story of Peter Parker, who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and develops spider like powers. He invents this type of wrist watch that lets him propel this web like material that’s practically unbreakable. Peter becomes super strong, and fast, and has super fast reflexes. He basically gets every part of him physically strengthened. Combining his new powers and his already adorable attitude, he begins to hunt down criminals. And gets seriously ripped. Simply dazzling.

Marc Webb has done a fantastic job of turning Spider-man into a must-see, especially after the fact that a Spider-man series has already been made. Never a dull moment, the word lacuna (new word of the post) will never apply. Full of incredible moments, the characters make you laugh and cry all at once. For me, I did a kind of hysterical sobbing/choking thing. In a good way. I highly recommend you see it. And don’t wait for it to come out on DVD, unless you have your own ridiculously good speaker system and a home theater.

5 Responses to “The Amazing Spider-Man is Ripped. And Dazzling.”

  1. how2home says:

    We loved this version of Spiderman! Emma Stone is such an intelligent actress. Love her! Have you seen batman yet? It’s on our must watch list but haven’t gotten a chance yet.

    • Dani says:

      This reply is from IsaStar, our guest author.
      yes i am totally in love with Emma too, especially her and Andrew Garfield together. im definitely looking forward to the batman movie, my family is just watching the previous ones this week. ok, batman is not AS hot as spiderman, but he does the whole “mystery” thing crazy well, and I’d take him anyways. if you haven’t seen the other ones yet, definitely watch those first, because a friend of mine went to see the latest batman without seeing the previous two and she was completely lost. make sure to see it though. have you noticed that all the hero movies have gotten ridiculously incredible over the past like, four years?

      • how2home says:

        The graphics are getting ridiculously amazing. We’ve seen the other batman movies so we’re pretty stoked to see this one. We have such high expectations for this movie, fingers crossed its going to be good! If you havent seen the Superman trailer yet…you should check it out 🙂 We are both nerds for super heroes, LOL.

        • Dani says:

          Haven’t seen the latest Batman yet, but I can’t wait! You can’t help being a super hero nerd these days 🙂

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