And Another Bedside Lamp

Posted by Dani on July 16, 2014

Turquoise ceramic bedside lamp
The bedroom lamp saga continues.

I thought I had it nailed down when I chose Ikea’s Ranarp lamp, ie The New Blogger Lamp.

I was sure that’s what I wanted.

The hubby even confirmed that he was throwing away the Ranarp packaging. Which meant I could not change my mind and return it. Because I can be a little commitment-phobic with my decorating decisions. I always hang on to the packaging, even after I’ve decided. Just in case.

This drives the hubby nuts. We always have the packaging discussion, right after I bring something new home. He tries to get me to toss it, but usually it ends up in the garage. Just in case.

These are the crazy things you have to put up with in a marriage. Luckily, I more than make up for it with my endearing charm.

It’s not really my fault. I think commitment-phobia runs in my family. But that’s a whole other story. We’re talking about the bedside lamps here.

I was sure. We tossed the packaging.

Then I made the mistake of walking into HomeSense. You all know how well HomeSense and I get along. We’re BFFs, HomeSense and I.

And sure enough, my BFF had some great new lamps for me.

Aren’t they sweet? They gave the room a little shot of colour and a retro touch. My BFF is never wrong.

It was easy to rationalize. I could have 2 sets of bedroom lamps, in case I wanted to change things up sometime. I could use the Ranarp set as stylish photography lighting for when I set up my mini studio in the other bedroom. Etc., etc.

We decided to keep them. The hubby didn’t argue. They were a great deal, and it could have been much worse. I could have changed my mind on something bigger, like the couch. Or him.

But I did leave the price stickers on for now. Just in case.

love my turquoise ceramic bedside lamp

4 Responses to “And Another Bedside Lamp”

  1. HomeSense always has a great selection of lamps. Love this one – definitely a keeper! And there’s absolutely not reason why you can’t have two sets of bedroom lamps 🙂

  2. Hahaha! I almost bought that very same lamp, but in a slightly more grey blue. But the HomeSense didn’t have two, and i wasn’t 100% convinced so I left it behind.
    I think my problem is i really have no idea what direction I want my bedroom to take – so I’m sort of in nowhere land hoping for something really great to hit me over the head with it’s awesomeness.
    Also – i totally leave the price stickers on the things I buy at HomeSense too – just in case 😉

    • Dani says:

      Funny – I saw it in a grey blue too! I liked the pop of colour here, so the blue ones came home with me. And I have been known to go on a HomeSense road trip through Toronto to find a matching piece if I need one!

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