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Apps in a Snap

Posted by Nads on September 26, 2012

Sometimes the best recipes are created on the fly, when you need something fast, have a couple of things on hand and need to get creative.  This is one of them.  I came up with this one night when some friends stopped by and we decided to throw together a quick dinner.  It is a very versatile appetizer and looks beautiful on the table, not to mention a real snap to whip together.

I had a beautiful crusty baguette on hand.


I took a small paring knife and cut all around the loaf, essentially creating a well.


I quickly toasted it on the BBQ – you could also throw it into the oven.

Fill the baguette with something yummy.  I had some vegetable caponata leftover in the fridge which worked perfectly but you could try this with so many different things; olives, ricotta, BBQ’d vegetables, thinly sliced steak, prosciutto, the possibilities are endless.  I topped mine with some shavings of parm and a drizzle of olive oil and freshly cracked pepper.  I sliced it up and served it right away – beautiful, quick, delicious, and ready in a snap.



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