Austrian Easter Eggs

Posted by Dani on March 27, 2013

We just got back from our Alps skiing trip that turned into a Paris-Alps-Vienna trip thanks to my vacation manipulation planning skills. It was an amazing experience for the family, and we’re all having some post-vacation highs as well as some jet-lagging lows this week. There’s lots to talk about, and I’ll be sharing some great pictures and memories with you over the next little while.

But today I have to show you these lovely Austrian eggs we picked up as our souvenir from Vienna. They’re actual eggs, hand painted and decorated in Vienna. We found them at an adorable Easter street market not too far from our hotel. They certainly know how to make things pretty and charming in Austria, and you find these beautiful eggs hung on arrangements of branches everywhere you look this time of year. Have a look at what the display looked like at the market:

And here’s a shot from a store in Salzburg, the first time we had seen such a display of eggs.

It was almost impossible to choose. We ended up walking away with a carton of 10 eggs, which are now sitting on our own arrangements of branches, adding a little Austrian charm to our dining room.

What really struck me was that these eggs were not cheap – the prices varied from about $5 to over $15 per egg. That’s an average of $100 for 10 eggs – would you spend that much? The egg booth was filled with people buying eggs – people who were primarily regular Viennese citizens, not tourists. I’m used to finding cheap, made-in-China, practically-disposable decorative items in every store from Wal-Mart to Loblaws. This idea of buying fewer things that are meant to last, and being willing to pay more for quality, is a very European approach. It was something I saw everywhere, and it really made me think about all the garbage that I have brought home over the years, and how much of it I really needed. Something to think about for sure.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of our cute little eggs. For the artistic types who are reading this, you might even consider being inspired to paint a few of your own. Send us your pics, we’d love to see them!


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