Spectacular Shadow Box Christmas Tree Art

Posted by Nads on December 18, 2013

Shadow Box Christmas Tree Star

Yes this post has real STAR power!  Absolutely and unequivocally pure unadulterated STAR STAR STAR power.

Got it? 3 stars.  Why does it pack such a punch?  Why am I mooning and swooning over this post?  Why am I hopping and skipping and singing my way around the house beaming like I won the lottery?

‘Cuz this project ROCKS!!!!!

Shadow Box Christmas Tree Art

Beautiful, no?

Day before last I posted about my DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree.  I loved that project. I really thought I couldn’t top that except I tried out another and it  worked out spectacularly.  Why?  Well here’s my criteria for a spectacular project:

– this project was super fast to put together – less than 10 minutes!  woot woot!!

– project supplies cost a total of FIVE dollars – this is not a typo – 5 bux – the cost of a Starbucks coffee – that’s it!  (Now I already had the shadow box – purchased at HomeSense for $10.00 but I have seen really inexpensive shadow boxes at Walmart, IKEA, etc).  Basically you can count on this to come in under $20 for sure.

– this project looks like a work of art – sound the trumpets!!

In my book, when your DIY meets all this criteria you have achieved some serious crafting DIY nirvana.  There should be a badge or a hidden Easter egg, something like achieving the elusive level 300 in Candy Crush, the skies should open up and rain candy all around you.

OK, maybe I’m still a little under the influence of that cold medicine.

Here is all you need:

Supplies for Shadow Box Christmas Tree Art

So go to the wedding section of your dollar store and buy 2 bags of the fake metal wedding bands.  Buy 1 package of metallic crafting wire.  Go to the sewing section and buy 2 packages of short stick pins.  Start pinning into your shadow box.

Shadow Box Christmas Tree Art

Take some photos of your beautiful work and pin to Pinterest.  Feel free to use mine too.  I love to share!

DONE!  Seriously.  That’s it.  Now go and hang your art and wait for all your friends to ask you how much you paid at The One of a Kind. 🙂



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