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Hello Baby!

Posted by Dani on June 18, 2012

Meet my new bug. She’s denim blue, and she’s really cute. And I say “she” because we decided today that this car is a girl. We had a family vote on the issue where dad got outvoted 5 to 1, since the girls and I were positive the 2 dogs were voting on our side. So this bug is a she.

The lovely VW salesman Erik told me all kinds of things about the car. Horsepower, cruise control, etc. etc., but mainly all I heard was blah, blah, blah since I couldn’t get my mind off the cute colour. Oh, and I really loved the fun navigation thingy that courteously tells me where I need to go. I’m sure that will come in handy at least once a week. For an engineer, I am pretty directionally challenged.

The one thing I did pay close attention to was the info on the sound system. This puppy comes with an awesome Fender speaker system, complete with a massive subwoofer in the trunk. And a 3 month subscription to Sirius radio, which I am already addicted to. So today we rocked out to Outlaw Highway, Elvis Radio, Hip-Hop Nation and Studio 54 Radio. Who knew a bug could be so much fun? It also has a built-in iPod plug that even keeps your iPod charged, making me a little concerned the girls are going to want to move out there permanently.

I introduced her to the family today when we all took her for a spin to the Miller Tavern together to watch Italy play in the Euro Cup. I know in my heart she’s an Italy fan, although I hesitate to put it to a family vote. Those German fans in my house are a little intense.




4 Responses to “Hello Baby!”

  1. That is the cutest yet sportiest looking car! I love the colour.
    Does it have a back seat or is it mainly a 2 person car?

    • Dani says:

      It does have a back seat but it is a little tight. For this car, I was a bad mother and didn’t concern myself so much with the girls’ comfort! So far the back is not too bad, and they are managing to fit just fine. I think they are enjoying the great sound system and forgetting that it’s smaller than the last car. This may change when I also try to fit in the (giant) dog!

  2. That is one sweet-looking ride! And I agree, she’s definitely a she 🙂 Does she have a name? Love the beautiful shade of blue with the chrome trim. Kind of modern & retro all at the same time 🙂

    Enjoy your new Bug!

    • Dani says:

      OMG Kelly I am having so much fun with this car! I think everyone should get one 🙂 No name yet, we’ll have to see what she wants to be called.

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