Bamboo Buildings: Sustainable and Stunning

Posted by Dani on November 8, 2011

I saw a story in the Toronto Globe and Mail last Thursday about a group of designers, architects and builders dedicated to the concept of sustainability who are creating magnificent structures constructed entirely out of bamboo in Bali, Indonesia. These buildings include the Green School, founded in 2006 by Canadian John Hardy to provide a holistic education with an emphasis on the environment, and Green Village, a nearby sustainable residential community. Recently, construction was completed on the world’s largest bamboo commercial structure, the Big Tree Farms chocolate factory.
According to Elora Hardy, CEO and lead designer for the Bali-based bamboo design and construction company honored as a finalist of the 2010 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, “Even sustainable timber can’t begin to compare with bamboo as a conscientious building material. With very few resources or attention a bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years, and that house could stand strong for a lifetime.”
Poleng, the black and white checkered textile pattern that can be seen all over Bali, symbolizes the balance between opposing forces on which our existence is based – the delicate harmony between the light, the dark, and the in-between. These stunning bamboo structures that allow people to live and to work while treading lightly on the earth embody the concept of poleng, the balance that sustainable architecture tries to achieve. And they do it in a way that takes your breath away. Imagine living in these spaces with their curved lines and soaring ceilings. It shows what can be achieved with thoughtful and creative design.
All pictures courtesy of the Green School, Green Village and Ibuku Design websites.

Here is a pic of the main buildings of the Green School. Imagine learning in this environment – these kids are literally being taught “out of the box”!

Here are some shots of residential buildings in the nearby Green Village.  Have a look at this interior!

Imagine sleeping in this breathtaking space. I think I could spend hours soaking in that stunning copper bathtub!

I think I would look forward to my mornings if I could start the day with a shower in this airy, open bathroom…

…and then some tropical fruit for breakfast, planning my day while enjoying a view of the lush landscape…

…and finally going off to work in this home office!

Check out more pics of the beautiful homes in Green Village in the gallery below. And here is a link to a video on the Big Tree Farms chocolate factory. They are having the grand opening on Friday, November 11 at 11:11 am, and those of you travelling in the area are all invited. Let us know if you drop in!

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