Beaches of PEI

Posted by Dani on September 15, 2012

Good. Lord.

We could just not get over the number of gorgeous, accessible, wide-open beaches that we saw in Prince Edward Island. Rolling dunes, pink sand, red cliffs – you can find all of that and more. And so many of the beaches we saw were almost empty – how often do you get to have a stunning beach all to yourself?

There is just something breathtaking about standing of the edge of the sand looking out at wide expanse of ocean and listening to the waves roll in. And nothing beats the relaxing feeling of a long, leisurely, beachcombing stroll on an empty beach. I feel like every day I did that gave me about a weeks worth of de-stressing.

And it reminded me that this country is just. so. beautiful.

Here are some of my favourite shots, all taken on the iPhone with Instagram or Hipstamatic, my new photography addictions.

What I really love about great beaches is that you end up doing this:

And these things:

And, especially, this:

4 Responses to “Beaches of PEI”

  1. This is so funny – you left a link on my blog to your beautiful ocean painting, and then I came to your most recent post and it’s about one of my favourite places, PEI 🙂 And it just so happens that I wrote a blog post about our holiday there this past July:

    The beaches in PEI are spectacular. There was a beach right in front of the place we stayed when we were there – I went for a walk along the beach first thing every morning, as well as some afternoons and most evenings. I just love being by the water – it’s so relaxing 🙂

    • Dani says:

      I couldn’t believe how stunning the beaches were. And so quiet! We usually had the whole beach to ourselves – where else can you find that?? I spent every spare minute I had sitting or walking by the ocean – I think it cleared all my stress from the past year! Can’t wait to get back one day.

  2. how2home says:

    These photos are fabulous 🙂 I really need to visit PEI, it looks so beautiful there. So jealous that you and Kelly both went this summer!!

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