Birch Log Candleholders – Another Look

Posted by Dani on December 5, 2013

DIY Birch Log Candleholders
This is one of our most popular DIYs, and for good reason. These are awesome candleholders, and if you’re handy with a saw and a drill you can bang off a bunch of these puppies in no time. It’s even easier if you happen to have access to some big burly guy who’s willing to do it for you, while you sit on the couch with a coffee and supervise. Then it’s a really easy craft.

DIY birch log candleholders

In any case, a few fallen branches and some common tools are all it takes to make yourself a dozen or so of these rustic beauties. I use mine all the time. The best part of having so many of them is that you have OPTIONS. I love options. A cluster on the dining room table? Check. A pair on the mantle? Check. A few groupings of three around the living room? Check. See? Lots of options. You can even change up the look daily. It’s the perfect project for an indecisive, commitment-phobic decorator like me.

We have so many people come back to check out this post, that I thought it was a good time to have another look. You can find the full how-to here. And for our newer readers, I’m hoping these pictures convince you to give them a try. Grab some logs and a few tools and you’re good to go. The big burly guy is optional.

birch log candleholders



10 Responses to “Birch Log Candleholders – Another Look”

  1. I have a thing for birch trees, and I’ve been looking for every excuse possible to include them in my decor – this is a great way to incorporate them! …. Now I just need to go hunt down some logs…

    • Dani says:

      I get so much mileage out of these! They look great anywhere. I have learned the hard way though that not all votives are the same size!

  2. Love the birch! It looks great with just about anything you pair it with! great job!

  3. Kelli says:

    Hi Dani! I received the blogging Liebster award this week and part of the fun is passing it on! I have picked your blog as one of my nominations. Read how it works and my questions for you here! Enjoy!

  4. Jane says:

    Hi Dani! These look amaaaazing!
    Thank you for sharing at our Holiday link party, and for the inspiration 🙂

    -Jane @

  5. Awesome!!! Love them! I love them so much I have some too! Can never have enough!

    • Dani says:

      SOOO right! These look awesome anywhere I put them. I have a little upgrade on the idea I just did for Etsy, will be on the blog shortly. And I have 2 new large ones this year on the mantle that I love, about a foot high. In fact we may be having a little log overload in the house these days, but I love it!

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