Bond on the Brain

Posted by Nads on January 15, 2013


It’s been a bit of a funny week.  Not funny ha ha but funny odd.  It’s been hot and cold, wet and dry, pouring rain, hot sun and the odd snowstorm here and there.  People are winding down after the holidays and there’s a smattering of Christmas trees on the curb.  Is it really time to take down the Christmas lights already?  I think someone should write down the appropriate etiquette to the outdoor decorating timetable, I always seem to be behind.  Anyway, seems like a bit of a nesting week but with my hubby gone for the last two weeks I need to come up with the perfect date night and I got it.  Today marks the kick off to a one week Bond event at The TIFF Lightbox.  All 22 official Bond movies will be screened throughout the week.  Covering an astounding 5 decades of iconic fashion, culture, design and action/thriller storytelling, this sounds like the perfect way to spend a couple of evenings or afternoons this week.  I think we will head to one of our favorite haunts, The Thompson Diner, for the perfect take-out menu of shakes and grilled cheese to nosh on during the flick and then head to the Lightbox for some classic Bond.  Low maintenance, highly entertaining, we may even be able to attend in our pj’s.  This is my idea of date perfection.  Now if only I can dig out my martini shaker…

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