Book Review – BabyCakes

Posted by Dani on November 18, 2011

BabyCakes NYC is an award-winning , gluten-free and vegan bakery in New York. Proprietor Erin McKenna has been kind enough to share her secrets for delicious and health conscious baking in her first book, BabyCakes, that was published in 2009. The recipes are mostly gluten-free and sugar-free, but more importantly they are delicious. I haven’t had much luck with alternative, healthful baking in the past but I was intrigued by the fact that several celebrities were willing to go on record raving about BabyCakes desserts. Always searching for healthier alternatives, I decided to give it a go. Brushing aside memories of the horrible gluten-free buckwheat scones that I baked once for my poor boyfriend (who despite that was still willing to become my husband), I tried out a few recipes. Erin’s chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies were delicious. Her banana bread was divine. And my youngest baked me a great surprise gluten and sugar free apple pie for my birthday this summer, although she improvised and made it heart-shaped which made it even more delicious. I had less success with her soy-based icing, although this might have been due to the quality of the ingredients I used, so the jury is still out on that one.

When I think of the health benefits of feeding my family these desserts instead of traditional ones, I consider this book a godsend. Erin uses sweeteners like agave nectar, which has a much lower glycemic index than sugar. I am especially excited that the recipes make liberal use of coconut oil, which is a healthy source of omega-3’s. All in all, there are lots of good reasons to buy Erin’s book, not the least of which is that the food is so delicious, you really don’t even remember that the recipes are alternative at all. And stayed tuned for our upcoming review on Erin’s recently released follow up book, BabyCakes Covers The Classics.

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