Not Bored About Our Pizza Board

Posted by Nads on March 8, 2012

I was perusing the aisles of my local kitchen supply store recently and came across a selection of ‘pizza paddles’ for your pizza oven.  Sadly, my own personal pizza oven is a couple of years away (although I am counting the minutes when I own one all my own, eventually (sooner) no doubt).  I stopped to look at the selection of pizza paddles to day dream (sigh) and came across one that I thought I could re-purpose for my own uses.  I am a big fan of the oh so popular charcuterie platter (in our Italian circle we have been eating this way for as long as I can remember) and am always looking for new ways to jazz it up – mostly through ingredients but also through presentation.  It’s one of those things that when assembled with a little care can look very impressive.  I never seem to have enough space to serve all my choices and was struck with the possibilities when I came across this particular paddle.

Extremely long and made of American hardwood, I immediately pictured it in the middle of my table, the perfect vessel to house all my sauces, meats and accompaniments. What a perfect idea!  A steal at 59.99, I could pile on a ton of selections and present them in a striking and authentic way.  This was no  little charcuterie board.

Check it out – four feet long and narrow so it fits well down the middle of any table.  It will be an awesome showpiece for many of my patio dinner parties this summer.  Get your own at your local commercial kitchen supply shop and get creative with all the space you have to pile the ingredients on.

Nella Cucina, 59.95

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