Buried Treasure: Radicchio Under the Snow

Posted by Nads on January 18, 2013

Life at the cottage really winds down over the winter months.  We tend to get buried under reams of snow and most days we contend with snuggling up with a good book or movie around the fire watching the birds fight the squirrels for the loads of birdseed we put out almost daily.  Makes for some great entertainment, lol.  Food, as usual is always in abundance.  The freezer is full of garden spoils my mom faithfully bags and packs away all summer, ready for a great minestrone or bean soup.  One favourite item that manages to survive the winter months is the radicchio.  Radicchio is serious business in this family,

I would even venture to suggest it’s a staple much like bread or cheese on the table at almost every meal.  My parents have managed to find a secret way to sustain the robust plants throughout the winter, something about growing, dividing and transplanting throughout the season.  This process nets a regular weekly outing where my Dad departs in snow pants, heading out to the garden and digging under the snow to cut out huge heads, and then washing it up to make fresh and delicious salads.  It’s almost unbelievable, but we are treated to a huge bowl of radicchio magic a couple of times a week.  It’s mid January and we are still noshing on the stuff.  This is what I get really excited about, true blue passion about the freshest and purest of ingredients.  This is some serious radicchio dedication.

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