Can’t Get Enough of David

Posted by Dani on June 28, 2012

We’re big fans of David’s Tea in my family.  One of my girls first introduced these teas to us after getting hooked herself.  She bought her dad a tin of their Cold 911 blend for Christmas, and it became our go-to drink this winter.  With an added hit of eucalyptus and orange oils, it tasted like the freshest, sharpest peppermint tea I have ever had.  We never waited to actually get a cold – it was great for a boost on any dreary winter day.  Put this one on the top of your list for next winter.

The folks at David’s were nice enough to send me a sample pack of their spring line, which helped me broaden my idea of what tea should be.  I used to think of tea as something that contained tea leaves and possibly herbs – healthy, but a little dreary.  The people at David’s know how to jazz things up.  These teas are just gorgeous, blended to include flower petals and blossoms, nuts, fruits, berries, and herbs.  And the fragrance is just as lovely.  I think of them as something beyond regular tea – more like a flavourful, tea-based drink.

Many of their blends have sweet components – mini-chocolate chips, cinnamon hearts, candy sprinkles, and jelly beans.  I wasn’t inclined at first to choose a tea with added sugar, but then I realized that only a few of their teas actually have a calorie count, which means every other blend has less than 5 calories per cup.  Pretty minimal even for someone trying to be health conscious, so it was time to loosen up and have some fun with my choices!

One thing that surprised me about David’s Teas was how much I liked some of their unlikely combinations.  My daughter’s current favourite is Forever Nuts, containing apple, almonds, cinnamon and beetroot – a blend that I didn’t think would really appeal to me, but that was surprisingly delicious.  I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every tea I have sampled.

Some of my favourites are Pink Flamingo, Daydreamer, and Strawberry Ginger from the Spring Collection, which is still available on-line, and Strawberry Shortcake and Tropicalia from the Summer Collection.  I love the organic North African Mint with its hint of spice, from the David’s Starter Kit, which has everything you need to brew the perfect cup.  My daughter recommends Movie Night (containing real popcorn), or Fantasy Island, with raspberries and coconut.  And she says Read My Lips (with its spicy chocolate peppermint flavour), Forever Nuts, and Glitter and Gold make great tea lattes.  One cautionary note for the health conscious – I was surprised to find that many of their blends contain artificial flavouring.  If this is a concern for you, make sure to check the ingredient lists.

I recently dropped into David’s Tea Queen Street East location to take some photos, and the nice people there showed my how to brew iced teas – simply brew the tea at twice the strength and then top with ice.  It’s a refreshing way to enjoy these teas on a hot summer day.  David’s currently has a promotion where you can buy one of their travel mugs for $9.50, and get the iced tea of the day for only $1 all summer long.

And coming up July 11, they are launching their English-inspired collection to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics.  They will feature some gorgeous limited edition teacups with liberty prints – make sure to drop in and check them out.


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