Best Ever Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Banana Bread

I’ve been tinkering around with this recipe lately, really looking for that holy grail of banana bread greatness and I think I hit it.  Out-of-the-park.  It’s actually good enough that I considered dropping the ‘gluten-free’ but then I thought it wouldn’t be fair to all those gluten-seekers who really need to find those great recipe […]

Beer Braised Maple, Prosciutto and Bermuda Onion Jam

  I am a big fan of using beer in my cooking so when my friends at Sam Adams asked me to develop a beer based condiment, I jumped to the challenge.  I was tasked with using Samuel Adams Boston Lager, which is a full bodied, rich tasting brew with bitter notes; a big personality […]

Swiss Steak Rules – Perfect Cold Weather Comfort Food

These brutally cold winter nights sometime leave me aching for a bit of tasty comfort.  This is the perfect dish for this weekend, pure hearty, soul food.  The other bonus?  This cut of meat is super inexpensive – you could feed a family of four for under $15 bux when this cut is on sale.  […]

When Life Gives You Clementines

Pull out the juicer and make juice! Do you ever have old, dried-looking citrus fruit that’s been sitting around too long? Ever thought of juicing it? I did that the other day instead of tossing some old clementines like I usually do. They looked a little too rough around the edges to eat. This is […]

Vintage Dessert: Raspberry Ribbon

This dessert dates back from the days when kids got to play around the back seat of the family station wagon sans seatbelts while their parents smoked in the front. It was probably served on teak buffet tables alongside little hors d’oeuvres of cheese whiz on Ritz crackers, and mini hot-dogs on toothpicks. After dessert, […]

Valentine Heart Cakes 2 Ways

  Gotta love that LOE vault. It never fails to cough up some delectably perfectly simple and delicious holiday specialties.  There is so much inspiration for just the right holiday treat, I couldn’t resist looking up some Valentine’s recipes and of course, had to share. Here are 2 recipes for delicious, easy heart shaped cakes.  […]

DIY Valentine Foodie Delights

With Valentine’s Day around the corner the first thing on my mind is food.  My brain is working overtime to come up with just the right stuff for all the special loved ones in my life.  What could be better than giving someone a heart shaped

Banh Mi Boys is the Bomb!

Banh Mi Boys has been on my ‘to do’ list for awhile. I’ve had my little slice of pork belly and soft rice flour bun heaven in New York at Momofuku and have been hunting for a good alternative here in TO for a while.  Enter Banh Mi Boys. It’s a little friendly and dee-lish […]

Spiked Affogato – An Impressive 2 Min Dessert

First of all you need to get the name right, just enough to impress.  Affogatto, pronounced Aff-“O”-gat-toe.  If you really desire to impress it’s affogato corretto (core-eh-toe) which means coffee + booze + ice cream which equals THE BOMB!!! The pronunciation will take you longer to perfect than this recipe.  No joke.  Keep this one […]

Roma Style Bacon and Egg Pasta Carbonara

  Ice storm.  Minus 40.  Freezing rain.  Flooding, no lava rock available, icy sidewalks with slippery puddles.  Damp cold fog.  What’s a girl to do? I say cook!  Cook up some yummy good stuff that makes the insides feel warm and fuzzy.  This recipe tops the charts.  Your neighbors will be making up stories of […]

Kick A$$-Better Than Eggnog Adult Holiday Milkshakes

  Your guests will LOVE you. Seriously, if you are the least bit lonely DON’T give anyone this recipe.  Everyone will come.  Your place will be packed on weekends.  Girlfriends will demand a girls night.  Neighbors will demand a poker night.  People will demand a recipe.  This is a serious trade secret.  Awesome yummy delectable […]

Fab Foodie Holiday Gifts – Salty Spicy Nut Brittle DIY

Here is a super quick, super easy and super impressive DIY to cook up for all your foodie friends or all your foodie guests.  This spicy tasty nut brittle takes about 10 minutes to whip together and is the perfect gift to have on hand during this holiday season.   You can also chop up […]

Super Easy DIY Foodie Gifts

  Here is a “recipe” for some super easy impressive foodie gifts.  These are a snap to put together and look uber impressive.  That’s exactly the type of DIY I need while things are getting a little crazy leading up to the holidays.  Here’s what you need:

Candy Cane Crush Hot Chocolate Mix

Instant heaven!  Yup, you heard correctly, this hot chocolate mix is so easy, so quick to prepare and looks hot, hot, hot!!!  It is sooooooo delicious you will have a hard time giving it away so make sure you keep some for yourself.  This gift takes about 10 minutes to whip up and the mix […]

2 Party Night Pizza Dough Appetizers With a Twist

  In true blue lifeovereasy style, today you are getting TWO for the price of one. Yup, I am sharing a well kept secret, my ten-minutes-make-two-different-apps from the same ingredients secret.  You can pinch yourself, cuz you have made it into the inner circle. A couple of Friday nights per month we get together with […]

Summer Fresh Tour and Thai Curry Roasted Sweet Potato Soup Shots

I was invited to attend a food blogger event at Summer Fresh Foods to celebrate the launch of their Appies Appetizer Guide a couple of weeks back.  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.  The wonder sister duo started Summer Fresh in 1991 and have grown the business to an impressive Canadian powerhouse.  The strong family […]

Chili Pepper Haul

This is my entire chili pepper haul for the year. Two big bowls. That’s a lot of heat. I had been leaving them on the plants as long as possible, letting them grow while playing chicken with the frost. I heard from my dad the other night that I had to bring them in. My […]

Seriously Cute Desserts

kaçak iddaa Another guest post today, folks. I’m visiting the lovely Nancy over at Whispered Inspirations where I’m sharing my recipe for mini lemon semifreddos. Why don’t you head on over there for a visit? kaçak bahis What could be more delightful than your very own mini jar of lemony sweetness? Total cuteness overload! illegal […]

Roasted Mushroom and Radicchio Fall Salad

  This is all it takes. Fall feels like it’s coming fast, and almost instantaneously I feel like our home is craving something warm and filling that feels like a big hug.  Salad doesn’t usually fit the bill, but this recipe packs a whack of warm- filling- comforting- fall-like deliciousness that is over the top.  […]

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Are you Canadian? Or were you anywhere in the vicinity of this vast country this weekend? If so, you might currently be in a turkey coma like I am. North Americans know all about the annual Thanksgiving food fest. I tried to explain this holiday to our Italian exchange student, Elena, last year. Technically it’s […]

Getting Acquainted with Thai Select Ingredients

I’ve been very lucky to have visited Thailand on many occasions.  It was without a doubt love at first sight, and I was overtaken by the incredible beauty of the country and it’s happy, friendly, gentle people.  Since that first visit my relationship with the food of this beautiful country has been an ongoing and […]

The Pie Commission – New Foodie Love Affair

  Enough said.  I’ve had pie on my mind.  Crispy crust and big flavor-filled-full of meat filling-meat pie on my mind.  The kind of pie thoughts that make me want to get in the car and drive to south Etobicoke.  Not much really makes me want to drive to Etobicoke but this pie does. That’s […]

Heirloom Tomato and Grilled Corn Salad With Warm Bacon Dressing

Yum, yum, yum.  This is THAT time of year.  THAT time of year is defined by my favorite ingredient of all time, hands down, the heirloom tomato.  Vine ripened, heirloom seeds someone picked out of a tomato and rolled up in a paper towel and brought back in a suitcase from Italy many many years […]

DIY Cake Craziness

This is what happened at my house recently. Some cake craziness. It was an over-the-top graduation cake made by my 15 year old for her sister’s high school graduation. I can’t take much credit, but I’m here to tell you that if a 15 year old can make it, so can you. It’s a fondant […]

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