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Cello Your Gifts!

Posted by Dani on December 17, 2011

I was lucky enough to have a “cellophane mentor” early in my gifting career. My friend Dianne, a talented interior designer with a flair for creative gift giving, taught me the art of packaging with cello. It’s amazing how much better things look wrapped in cellophane. This is a key tool in our quest at Lifeovereasy for low cost, high impact gifts this holiday season. Here’s a great example – a glass dish with 3 mercury glass votive holders that would have lost a lot of its “wow” factor if it were wrapped in a box.

To put this together, I started with a versatile square reverse-painted glass dish in a contemporary design – perfect for any stylish home. To round out the gift, I added three mercury glass candleholders. Actually, in this case, these were lowball glasses that I found at my local HomeSense for $4.99 each. I thought they would be perfect for candles, so why not repurpose them?

I arranged them on the plate and thought it needed something extra, so I added a white owl ornament that I also picked up at Homesense – at $7.99 for 3, these were a steal. I held the candleholders and ornament in place on the dish with some clear tape. A little cellophane and ribbon, and voilà – a gorgeous present for under $30! I’m sure there will be a little buzz of excitement when I walk in the door with this, and isn’t that what gift-giving is all about? Insiders tip: make sure to use large sized rolls of cellophane, at least 40” wide, to achieve a full and generous look. These are usually available from packaging suppliers like Creative Bag – well worth the effort in order to get a professional look.

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