5 Minute Festive Centerpieces

Posted by Nads on December 29, 2012

I love to sit down to a dressed up table but don’t really love spending a lot of time or money dressing it up.  I tend to be 90% focused on the food and 10% focused on everything else.  I generally end up looking around at the last minute and try to throw something together.  Random objects on hand almost always creates the perfect starting point and once I spot some inspiration, I then build from there.  Adding some fresh flowers or holiday bling can bring it all together, usually in a casual glam kind of way.  Here’s a couple of centerpieces that have hit my table over the past holiday week and some tips to help you with yours.


Build your centerpiece around objects you have on hand.  Votives, candleholders, vases, bowls, objects of decor all make great starting points.  Try to work in repetitive numbers, 3’s, 5’s or even 7’s for maximum impact.  Here I used a series of 7 bronze votive holders lined up in a row.  I jazzed them up with one bouquet ($5.99!) from Loblaw’s that housed these beautiful red and green flowers for texture and contrast.


This centerpiece used some seasonal fruits; kumquats and limes in a gorgeous mercury glass bowl.  Simple yet really beautiful.


Another way to dress up a centerpiece is to scatter some random objects in your arrangement.  Ornaments, flowers, objects found in nature (twigs, branches, clippings, stones), silverware, candleholders, porcelain, saucers, etc, you can go to town here.


For this centerpiece, I took an earlier idea and just layered in some spiky textured ornaments for interest.


Here, I took a mercury glass bowl and filled it with clementines I found at a local corner store.  I then scattered a bunch around the table which we later snacked on with a  cheese course.  Gorgeous and yummy.


I used this centerpiece for a brunch.  I literally grabbed a couple of branches of wild oregano from the yard and wound them into a loose circle.  I later added some individual real cranberries for a fresh twist on a holiday wreath.


  • contrasting colors work best
  • mixing in natural elements always adds a touch of elegance
  • use a couple of random objects to add sparkle or bling, too much can be tacky
  • edit, usually less is more
  • you can never go wrong with a symmetrical arrangement but if you’re feeling a little creative, don’t be afraid to go a little uneven to lend an artsy flair
  • think of using objects or elements with varying heights for contrast and interest
  • have fun!!!

Send us some photos of your holiday centerpieces so we can share.


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