A Cheesy Valentine

Posted by Dani on February 16, 2013

How was your Valentine’s Day? Fun? Romantic? Exciting? Mine was a little cheesy.

We had our usual Valentine’s breakfast, where I managed to modify our favourite baked French toast recipe to make it sugar-free and gluten-free. It was rushed and early, since the girls have busy schedules, but it was still a fun way to start the day. I had put together a fun table with some little prezzies the night before, and I was surprised when I sat down to see that a few pretty red packages had been added when I wasn’t looking. The hubby was away, and he had arranged a few surprises with my youngest.

What was in the packages, you ask? Cheese – heart-shaped cheese! I didn’t even know they made heart-shaped cheese. Apparently they do. So this is what my Valentine presents looked like:

And if you keep reading, you can get a peek at the romantic Valentine card that came with the cheese…

There were also some cheese truffles thrown in, which apparently taste just like chocolate cheesecake. That sounds like it’s right down my alley.

And some pretty, pretty macaroons, just for me.

The dancing chili pepper card really topped it off. His eyes shake while he sings something about love with a Mexican accent. I can’t quite make it out, but it does include the words “hot, hot, hot.”

This is what happens when you let the hubby and my youngest loose in the giant Loblaws store at Maple Leaf Gardens. You get a cheesy valentine! Hahahhaha! So for all you girls out there who got a blue Tiffany’s box for Valentine’s Day, eat your heart out – I’ll be eating my heart cheese.

We’re all at home chilling this weekend, after cancelling a trip to Winterlude because the ice on the canal was not great for our planned 7.5 km skate and Beavertails activity. So there will be a lot of bread and cheese happening at my house in the next few days. With some truffles and macaroons thrown in.

Hope you have a great family day weekend with your loved ones!



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