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Christmas Crafting: How To Make a Scouring Pad Mini Tree in 5 Seconds or Less

Posted by Dani on December 16, 2012

A 5 second Christmas craft?  Easy enough that your kids can do it?  Cheap enough that you can make a whole forest of these for just a few bucks?

People, get out your scouring pads!  This is seriously green decorating.

These adorable little mini-trees are just standard kitchen metal scouring pads that have been pulled and pushed into the shape of a tree.  The tiny little coils hold a tree shape beautifully – really, you can’t go wrong.  This is a craft that even non-crafters can do.

And I “scoured” the whole internet – not a trace of a metal scouring pad tree anywhere.  Give it a try, your friends will think you’re really clever!

This is what you start with, the humble dollar store scouring pad.  A mere three for a dollar.  That makes each mini tree only $.33.  Almost free!

Here is one “growing” into shape.  You just mash it into a cone shape.  Pull the middle up.  Stretch the bottom out.  That’s it.  Finished.   You can go grab a glass of eggnog now and chill in front of a roaring fire.  Your Christmas crafting is done.

I used some vintage compote bowls I had (turned upside down) to display the tiny trees.  You can read about where I scored these cute bowls here.

What a sweet display!  And best of all, when Christmas is over I can clean all my pots with them.




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