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Cleaning Good Times

Posted by Dani on January 7, 2012

In keeping with one of my 2012 goals of trying to “release” some clutter from this house, I declared today cleaning out day in my family and asked everyone to think about something they could tackle that would help us move forward in our goals of creating greater order in this house. One major problem area is an old playroom we have that the girls outgrew several years ago, that has since become a major junk dumping ground. I sent my two girls to the playroom with the instructions to come out with garbage bags labeled either “garbage” or “give away”. So they have been down there a few hours now going through old toys and books – groovy girls, puppets, spy toys, crafts, costumes- so many great memories. I can hear an old radio playing, a little purple radio/cassette player I bought them when they were toddlers to introduce them to some of my favourite music. Every once in a while I hear them belt out a song together, loud and happy. No garbage bags have come up yet, but I’m hopeful. So far it looks like its Decluttering 0, Sister Bonding 1.

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