Closet Love

Posted by Dani on September 30, 2013

modern office
Maybe lust is a better word. Closet lust. 50 shades of closet lust.

This post is basically one long swoon fest. That’s all I’m going to do. Closet swooning.

Have you seen any ads for California Closets? How do they do it? How do they make closets sexy?

Did you even know you wanted a sexy closet? Well after looking at these pictures, I am certain of it. I definitely want a sexy closet.

I would LIVE in some of these closets. Nope, no need to leave them. Ever.

THIS IS A GARAGE. A sexy garage. How do they DO that? The only issue is that you’d have to find a man hot enough to match the garage. So he would have to be a devoted husband, great father, fabulous cook, and match the garage. That might be getting tricky. Although, in case my hubby happens to read this, I am totally there already.

modern garage man cave

Apparently there is room for sexy storage all over the house. Have a look.

modern storage

craft room

modern closet

My closets are definitely unsexy. Kind of like my Birkenstocks. Comfortable, but not sexy.

California Closets are the Teddy Pendergrass of closets. Listen to Turn Off The Lights, you’ll get the picture.

Sexy storage. Who knew?

dressing room

modern bedroom, closet

modern closet

modern closet


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This post was sponsored by California Closets. All opinions are my own.


6 Responses to “Closet Love”

  1. I am also a professional organizers so well organized closet is like ‘room’ porn… I LOVE CALIFORNIA CLOSETS. I would do my whole house in them if I could.

  2. paula schuck says:

    Oh my gosh. I was like what is she so excited about it’s just a closet? And then I spied that this is the garage! Do you want to see my garage currently? Um, it Does NOT – repeat Not look like this. Nice closet!

  3. Dani says:

    I have never seen a garage like that! A real man-cave. I’m sure the hubby would never leave.

  4. When designing our house the first thing I said was, we can negotiate on whatever you want ANYWHERE in the house, but the ONE THING I want is a really. Amazing. Closet. A sexy, no holds barred, Carey Bradshaw, closet. 🙂 I’m completely with you on the closet lust. 😉

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