Cool Drinks

Posted by Dani on September 23, 2011

You would think that the outlets in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area would keep us busy enough during our sister road trip, but we managed to find time to stop in at Wegmans, a local grocery store. We love that the product selection is so much more extensive in the States, and we spent some time getting lost in the Natural section browsing through their profusion of interesting drinks. Great packaging, great taste, healthy, and refreshing – here’s our picks for some drinks to look out for when you’re in the US.

We picked up these cute cans of Snow Cola for the kids to try. Caffeine-free, these colas are sweetened with natural cane sugar and have some added vitamins. Much better for you to drink than regular colas, Snow Cola manages to drop the unhealthy ingredients and keep the taste. We tried the Cranberry Pomraz and Pure Cola flavours and found them light and pleasantly sweet without the syrupy taste of regular colas. The Cola flavor had a nice bitterness to it, a bit like Brio Chinotto, a soft drink we love. Verdict: Good Find.


Being fans of infused water, we were eager to try Ayala’s Herbal Water. Developed by pediatrician, artist, cook and founder Dr. Ayala for her own use, these organic beverages contain only water and extracts of herbs. Light and refreshing with just a hint of interesting flavour, you can feel good about what you’re drinking. Verdict: Love!


Similar to Ayala’s Herbal Water, Hint Essence Water is a lightly flavoured drink that uses fruit essences rather than herbs to create a refreshing beverage. Available in 10 great flavours, they contain no sugar, calories, or preservatives. My kids love them. Verdict: Pick up a case!


Coco Exposed Aloe and Coconut Water drinks –  a bit more of an exotic blend for us. We were eager to try a drink that offered the health benefits of aloe and coconut, but the mix didn’t work for us. We didn’t care for the flavours, and the feel of the aloe pulp was a little unpleasant. Verdict: Pass!


Brain Toniq is a “functional drink” designed to heighten mental focus and clarity, and who doesn’t need that? Containing over 1800 mg of active ingredients, according to the website it makes an immediate difference so I put it to the test one afternoon when my brain needed a little pick-me-up. The taste was pleasant and refreshing: citrus with just a hint of bitterness that was quite palatable. But while I may have felt a little more refreshed, it certainly didn’t seem to make much of a difference. And with such a high level of brain-boosting ingredients, I would treat it as a supplement and exercise some caution before drinking it regularly. Definitely not for my kids! Verdict: Fun to try, but I’ll stick with my regular mental clarity, thanks!


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