Hello Cupcakes!

Posted by Dani on February 8, 2013

I know it’s all about donuts these days. And you all know how much we love Paulette’s and Glory Hole. But there is something just so pretty about a cupcake. So light and sweet and delicious. While donuts are great and very Canadian and all that, they don’t quite make my heart flutter like a cupcake does.

I realize I may be a little biased because I used to call my girls cupcake when they were babies, but cupcakes just seem to bring out my inner girlishness. My buried frilly pink side. The jumpy claps and squealing part. Just like gasp-inducing new shoes do. And the other day my inner girl was on full overload – swoon worthy shoes AND cupcakes! A perfect day…sigh…

My girlfriend surprised me with a few boxes of cupcake deliciousness from the new Toronto outpost of Vancouver’s Cupcake Girls. She does not think small – 2 boxes of full size and a tray of minis made me forget my new years’ diet resolutions. And they were splurge-worthy. Gluten and sugar never tasted so good.

You may have seen the Cupcake Girls on the W Network. Their reality show documented their search for a Toronto location, and their Leaside shop is now open. The retro styling is charming, but it’s the cupcakes that take the cake. Light, sweet, and perfectly delicious – it’s hard to stop at just one. In fact, I didn’t – I polished off two, and FELT VERY GOOD ABOUT IT. Every bite was worth it.

Luckily, I stopped after two so the girls got to enjoy the rest of the box that my girlfriend sent home with me. Oh, and I might have had a taste or 2 of the minis she also gave us. Maybe. I sort of lost count.

Here you can see my dilemma. How can you just choose one? Even narrowing it down to two gave me a little headache. Which was quickly alleviated when the sugar hit my brain. So it all worked out.

But the very best part about Cupcakes is that somehow they know how to make cupcakes that perfectly match Marilyn. Have a look:

Cupcakes that match your artwork – that’s worth a drive to Leaside.



Cupcakes, 85 Laird Dr., Unit 4A, 416-287-2253






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  1. Althea says:

    These cupcakes look amazing.

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