Dairy Bar Tour of Summerside, PEI

Posted by Dani on August 23, 2012

Two words: ice cream. Lots of it.

Just checking in from our sister road trip to Prince Edward Island. The trip has been amazing so far. The 2 beach houses we’ve rented for 1 week each have been beautiful, the beaches spectacular, the weather perfect, and the good times plentiful.

Unfortunately, hanging around my food-crazed Italian family means that I’ve been getting far too much gourmet food, especially fresh seafood. Way too many omegas going into the brain and delicious nutrients getting into the body. Luckily, I’ve been able to compensate with just the right amount of ice cream.

Islanders seem to have a thing for soft serve. You see these adorable little dairy bars everywhere here. Brings back memories of the neighbourhood ice cream trucks, and that musical sound that made all the kids come running. First thing I thought was that we really needed to do a dairy bar tour of Summerside. We owe our blog readers at least that much. It was our duty.

So Nads and I grabbed my girls and set out one day to stop in at 3 of the cutest little dairy bars we could find close by. First stop, Scooters.

Adorable, friendly, and tons of ice cream choices. This is what we walked out with.

Two words: Holy Sh*t

I haven’t had one of these babies since before the internet was invented. And that was one big banana. But no time to reflect, we had a job to do. So we polished it off and then it was off to Johnny’s Diary Bar.

At Johnnys we skipped the soft serve and had a chocolate peanut butter sundae with regular ice cream. Big mistake – it was delicious but it was missing the childhood ice cream truck nostalgia. We fixed that at our next stop, Frosty Treat, where we had something called a flavour burst – vanilla soft serve with ribbons of strawberry.

At that point Nads and I could barely walk. Luckily, we had the girls who were happy to help us out. And also luckily, there were no more dairy bars nearby. So we headed back home, vowing to eat nothing but veggies for the next few days.

Our verdict – it was a perfect idea for a fun summer holiday afternoon. If you’re ever in PEI, have a dairy bar tour of your own. Just make sure you bring some kids along to share with.

Two words: workout tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Dairy Bar Tour of Summerside, PEI”

  1. how2home says:

    Omgosh that looks so good!!!! Work tomorrow eh? Good luck! Back to regular routine and schedule…school will be starting soon as well! Are the kids ready for that?

    • Dani says:

      The ice cream (and the holiday) was too good! It will definitely be really hard to get back to our regular routine – for all of us!

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