Directions For A Pixy Stix Taste Testing On The Dock or: Bonding With My Youngest

Posted by Dani on August 11, 2012

Looking for some candy nostalgia? A little vintage sugar rush?

How about some Pixy Stix? Remember those sweet and sour filled straws of your youth? Getting some sour mouthed kid memories?
And what parent doesn’t need a little kid bonding time thrown in with their trip down candy memory lane?

I went down that road recently when I had a Pixy Stix taste testing on the dock of the marina up at the cottage. This is the kind of thing you think up when you’re happily bored. Or rather my daughter thinks up. Made for a perfect hour of my inner child bonding with her outer child.

Being a blogger, I take reviews seriously. And my daughter takes candy seriously. So we didn’t mess around with this. Our reviews are solid. You can rely on them next time you have 50 cents to spend on Pixy Stix. Thanks to us, you will make the right decision.
So here is our definitive recommendation, in order:
Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Blue, Orange, Strawberry
Our advice is to stick to the top 3. Definitely avoid orange and strawberry.

And if you are at the cottage, hanging with your kids on the perfect day, and you want to have a little sweet nostalgia of your own, here’s what to do.

How To Have An Official Pixy Stix Cottage Taste Testing With Your Kid:

1. Get in the boat. Preferably an aluminum fishing boat with an outboard motor, for a more vintage-y feel. Let your kid drive if they can. Comment on what a great boat driver they are.

2. Head toward the lake marina. Preferably the kind of marina that sells just about everything in one little room. Somewhere in with the old DVDs for rent, worms for fishing, sunhats, Wonder Bread, and mosquito spray there will be candy. Keep your fingers crossed that the marina owner understands the importance of stocking retro candy.

3. Look for Pixy Stix. These used to come in striped paper straws. Things have changed – now they come in bright neon plastic straws. At least the ones in my marina do. In fact, these ones are probably Pixy Stix imposters. Whatever. Pick one of each colour. If they don’t have Pixy Stix, go to Plan B which is Miscellaneous Chocolate Bar/Candy Taste Testing.

4. Hopefully you have 6 different Pixy Stix. Pay the blond, suntanned teenage girl who works there 60 cents. Go sit at the end of the dock. Dangle your feet in the water and talk about what kind of boat your kid would want to get for their future cottage if they had the money. Debate the merits of a Hobie Cat sailboat versus a wakeboard boat. Pick the colour of the future boat.

5. Line up your Pixy Stix in order of estimated preference. Taste your expected least-favourite first. Take turns sharing the Pixy Stix as you debate the merits of each flavour. Reorder the Pixy Stix according to rank. Keep dangling your feet in the lake.

6. Go get 2 ice cream cones as a Pixy Stix Taste Test chaser.

7. Dangle your feet some more.

8. Hug. Decide it’s finally time to head back to the cottage.

9. Give a silent mother wish for many more days like this, even though you know they are numbered. Doesn’t matter, it’s all good.


2 Responses to “Directions For A Pixy Stix Taste Testing On The Dock or: Bonding With My Youngest”

  1. how2home says:

    I’m laughing as im reading through your list. This is so adorable!

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