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Posted by Dani on December 7, 2016

Make this easy DIY yarn wall haning via
Have you enjoyed my #12MonthsofDIY posts? It’s been super fun partnering with a talented group of blogger friends to bring you some new DIY projects, all the while getting to explore new materials. It started with felt and my DIY Felt Notebook Covers, then I used vinyl in August to make my DIY Striped Carafe. Next up was faux florals in my DIY Ribbon Tassle Garland project. In October the group played with ribbon and I made a DIY Ribbon Tassle Garland for my daughter’s dorm. And last month I used paper to make a Quilled Paper Snowflake.

Make this easy DIY yarn wall haning via

Have you ever collaborated with a group of friends, or even like minded strangers? There’s an awesome synergy in working with groups – they push you a little and support you a lot. And the best part is, even if you start off as strangers, you end up with new friends by the end. Sadly this is the last post with this amazing group of women. I’m going to miss working with them, but the great part is I can still follow all their new projects online, and you can too! Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post – I’m sure you’ll find some blogs you’ll want to follow.

Make this easy DIY yarn wall haning via

And now for the last project! This month, the theme is yarn. Our sponsor is Lion Brand Yarns who sent me the most beautiful LB Collection Wool Yarn – a super bulky 100% wool in a beautiful soft ivory colour. I’d love to use this yarn for a stunning throw, or maybe a cowl scarf. But I’ve had a wall hanging on my list for a while, and this yarn was perfect for it.

Make this beautiful DIY Yarn Wall Hanging via

With wall hangings, you could use macramé techniques that create intricate patterns, but I took the easy way out and just let the yarn hang from the top. I started with a trip to the back garden to find a nice raw looking stick, hunted in my daughters’ knitting bins for odd balls of wool, and just went for it. One of the nice surprises of using miscellaneous yarn like I did happened when I found 2 partially finished headbands that my oldest girl had made, and decided to steal and unravel repurpose the yarn for this project. Instead of the yarn falling straight, it had a gorgeous curly texture and added a really nice touch to the finished hanging.

Make this easy DIY yarn wall haning via

You could go for a minimal look and use a single yarn. But I decided to mix it up and add some colour. Some grey scraps and a beautiful colour washed rose yarn were neutral enough, but really added some interest. And I really wanted to integrate a pottery heart I had been saving for a project like this as a nice focal point.

Make this easy DIY yarn wall haning via

The technique is pretty simple. First, put on a fun Netflix series like The Crown or the Gilmore Girls revival. Then just start looping some yarn around the stick in a random pattern and keep building until you’re satisfied. It’s really as easy as that!

Make this easy DIY yarn wall haning via

I hung my heart from the middle with wool. And then, because tassels make everything better, I made a few to add to the hanging. To make these, I just wound the yarn around my phone to create a yarn bundle, then tied some wool near the top to hold it together. I cut the bottom and gave it a little haircut to tame any strays strands. And that’s it – done!

Make this easy DIY yarn wall haning via

Now I’ll share a little behind the scenes story. When I went to hang it to take the photos, I used an existing picture hanging hook, which was really too small for the branch. “It’ll be fine,” I told myself. Besides, I was in a hurry.

Nope, it wasn’t fine. Within about 5 minutes of completing my project and about 10 seconds of hanging it, it fell off the wall and the pottery heart I had been saving broke in half. That heart you see in the picture is actually held together by duct tape at the back, and one very frustrated blogger took that picture.

Moral of the story? Hang your heart on something sturdy, or it will get broken. And if it does, duct tape helps 😉

12 crafts to do with yarn via

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9 Responses to “DIY Yarn Wall Hanging”

  1. Ariel says:

    I know what you mean! I’ll be sad to leave this challenge group, I’ve grown immensely throughout it!
    Back to the project though – this wall hanging is beautiful! I love the different types of yarn used. It’s all so “you.” Well done!

  2. this is such a pretty project! I love that your instructions start with Netflix:)

  3. Sonja says:

    Your wall hanging is beautiful and I love the tassels…I want to make them for my curtains! And great tip for keeping your heart safe;)

  4. Awww, your behind the scenes is a little sad, but I love the what you said,”hang your heart on something sturdy, or it will get broken” This is great advise! And… I”m so sad about this being our last project… but you never know what will happen in 2017! 😉

    I love this wall hanging, it’s so pretty and full of texture and that gorgeous mended heart is stunning. <3

    • Dani says:

      Thanks so much Laurie! I’ve broken many pieces of pottery in my day. Luckily duct tape can often save the day. If only it worked with our real heart, right? 😉

  5. This is brilliant! It’s so gorgeous and yet simple enough that I think I might be able to make it…or something almost as nice maybe. 😉 Too bad about your pottery. I am forever dropping things!

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