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Dollar Store Health

Posted by Dani on November 23, 2011

This ball comes from Dollarama. I think it costs $2. My osteopath told me to get one and now I’m telling you! Seriously, go get one. It is a great little tool to help release those pesky and painful knots in hard to reach places. With a recent increase in the number of hours I spend working at a computer, I find it necessary to pay more attention to those little whispers of discomfort in my body that inevitably turn into bigger problems if ignored. In addition to frequent stretches while working, this ball is a big help. Use it to help apply gentle pressure to your sore points. Working at a desk, it’s easy to place the ball against your chair back and roll it up and down your back and across your shoulders. But it works best when lying on the floor, where you can really hit those strategic points. Try it on your hips and glutes, where it’s inevitable you’ll find some sore spots. It might not put your massage therapist out of business, but I guarantee your muscles will thank you.

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