Easy Awesome Sweet, Salty and Spicy Brittle

Posted by Nads on June 14, 2013



Easy awesome is the perfect way to describe this salty sweet and spicy nut brittle.  It is one of my best kept secret weapons and lately I always keep a jar on hand.  I can whip some up in about 10 minutes (no joke) and I keep it stashed in some mason jars.  The basic formula is this:

2 parts crunchy stuff + 1 part sugar + heat,

but of course I have my own spin on it.  Personally I love to add a little bit of salt to my brittle cuz I love that hint of salty in my sweet.  I also like to add a couple of pats of butter.  This helps to lessen the crunch a little ( more crunchy as opposed to cracking a tooth) plus the butter adds a slight richness and depth to the sugar and nuts.  I also like to use alternate sugars that are unrefined; cane, molasses or coconut sugars all work really well.  My last tip is to add in some flavor – I really enjoy some heat and spice in my brittle, I added cayenne to this for a really nice after kick but feel free to add some alternate spices, herbs or flavorings.  Go to town, this recipe is really really forgiving and takes well to all kinds of additions.


the basics: 2 parts nuts + 1 part cane sugar + 2 tbsps butter + 2 tsps salt + 1/2 tsp cayenne (or more to taste)

PicMonkey Collage

The most critical moments.  Combine all ingredients and stir over medium heat.  Sugar and butter will begin to melt and dissolve.  Keep stirring and make sure to cover all the nuts with some sugar and evenly mix in those other flavors, like the salt and cayenne shown here.  Lower heat so that you can stir and melt all of the sugar.  Look for bubbling as seen in the last frame and for the sugar to deepen i color to a golden brown.  At this time, remove from heat.  You need to be very careful not to burn the sugar or the taste will become bitter.  Bubbling means it’s almost time to remove from heat, but any smoking or darkening past golden means take it off!


Pour the mixture out onto some foil or parchment paper or a sil mat.  I like to butter the surface slightly to make sure the brittle will break off once it’s had a chance to cool.


Once cooled, the mixture will harden and become brittle.  Now you can go to town; break it up, chop it up, put it through the food processor or anything else you might think off.  The possibilities are huge.  I keep some on hand to use for a variety of things:

  • finely chop and sprinkle over salads
  • finely chop and sprinkle over steamed vegetables
  • chop and sprinkle over ice cream
  • use to top a cake
  • chop finely and mix into icing to create an amazing dessert filling
  • break into pieces and serve with your favorite cheese board or charcuterie plate
  • break into large pieces, store in a mason jar and use as a gift!


The possibilities are really endless.  Send us some of your ideas!

12 Responses to “Easy Awesome Sweet, Salty and Spicy Brittle”

  1. Ooooo, dangerous!!!! These look SO tasty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Candace says:

    Gasped a little when I got to your blog and saw the image for this. Looks divine. Yummy!

  3. MyDirt says:

    If I wasn’t deathly allergic to nuts I would so be all over this. (I can feel my throat tightening already)

    • Nads says:

      do you have the same issue with seeds? this works really well with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds too – basically anything crunchy

  4. Oh. My. This looks absolutely amazing and oh so simple! Thanks for sharing your formula. 🙂

  5. jackie says:

    Oh my! This looks fantastic! Kind of wishing I had some to go with my morning coffee right now!

  6. Cookie's Mom says:

    Great gift idea! Looks very yummy.
    (Hopping over from the #WhyFakeItJustMakeIt Linky.)

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