Easy Ikea Planter Hack

Posted by Dani on July 8, 2013

Ikea hack Fniss waste basket
I was a little short of planters this year.

If you saw the size of my yard, you would understand. It is something short of an acre in size, with all kinds of spaces to care for, clean, and decorate. It’s a little overwhelming. What I would need in order to whip this space into proper shape is a team of indignant Italian mother’s in their 70s, armed with brooms and fueled by the horrible thought that company might drop in and find their daughter’s backyard unkept. And since I only have 1 of those, I usually fall short in keeping this place properly maintained.

I have become an expert in gardening shortcuts. I’ve slowly filled my gardens with perennials that grow with very little TLC. I use my annuals in planters lined with plastic and heavily mulched to keep the moisture from evaporating, reducing the need to water. I always choose drought resistant plants in areas that are too far from the hose to water really easily. And I tell myself I actually like the wild and weedy look.

ikea planter hack

It’s a bit of a dog-eat-dog, Darwinian kind of garden.  This year, after I was done planting for the season, I found some hanging planters of annuals on sale for only $5.99. These were already in full bloom, and I bought a few, thinking I would just plunk them on the ground here and there to add some colour. This worked out great for a few days, until I realized that the small size of the container meant the plants dried out on a hot day and would require daily watering. Not a chance of this happening!

The answer was to replant them in a larger plastic pot that would hold much more water, but I didn’t really feel like buying a pile of new pricey planters. So I stole Nads idea and headed off to Ikea to buy some of their plastic Fniss waste baskets for $2.99. They come in 3 colours – transluscent white, red, and black. Nads has a series of black ones running down the stairs from her deck that look sharp and hold all her herbs. I thought the white would work better in my space.

ikea planter hack

Here’s the easy tutorial:

Grab yourself a drill, or a handy man with a drill, and drill a bunch of large holes in the bottom. Here we made 3 holes with a ¾” bit. Line the bottom with gravel. Voilà, you now have a $2.99 planter.

I used 2 of the planters for the corners of the lounging area near the pool. These were just hanging pots of lobelia, which looked like giant purple chia pets. Kind of cute, but more importantly they are drought resistant!

pool lounging area

Here’s a closer look:

lobelia plant, lounging area

And here’s what they looked like afterwards. I do like the height better. This was quick, cheap, and easy – my kind of Ikea hack. And I haven’t had to water them since!

ikea planter hack

Read more about my neglect-resistant herbs here.


24 Responses to “Easy Ikea Planter Hack”

  1. I’m seriously in love with your lounge area – so pretty 🙂

  2. I want to swim, but that is a great hack and it is cheap too~

  3. What a clever and easy idea. Very cool. I definitely don’t think I would have thought of this but eager to try it.

  4. That is brilliant. I am a big fan of IKEA hacks. There is a website just for them. I have been pinning them on pinterest. I love your idea… brilliant.

  5. Your home is a dream. And I love IKEA HACKS!

  6. I love IKEA hacks and this one I can do easily because I have this exact bin from my university days! LOL.

    Thank you!

  7. jackie says:

    Smartie pants! I love Ikea hacks! This one is great. I’m always short of planters here. I’ve resorted to metal ice buckets and watering cans in the past!
    Ok, your pool area is seriously like something right out of a magazine!

    • Dani says:

      thanks so much jackie! but you should know that immediately outside of camera range, there are lots of things that do not look very magazine-like 😉

  8. Heather says:

    Great and clever idea Daniela! Love your lounge are and lucky you to have a pool! I’m sure you really enjoy it every summer! Love your lobelia – I bought a beutiful big white one this summer!! Pinning!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks so much Heather! We finally have some great swimming weather, so I am making good use of it these days 😉

  9. You have some seriously beautiful patio furniture! Great hack too!

  10. What a great idea!!! I’ll have to do this when i need planters! Also, I didn’t know Lobelias are drought tolerant!

    • Dani says:

      I read that they were, but mine are starting to look a little dry. I have more luck with geraniums, which i rarely water.

  11. OK, first of all I love your planter idea, that’s a great hack and WOW on your pool area – that looks gorgeous!!

  12. Heather says:

    I featured you today here: http://www.settingforfour.com/2013/07/10-make-create-and-decorate-summer.html Thanks for sharing your creativity at Project Inspired! Hope to see you at the linky party tonight at 8 pm EST!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks Heather – that’s so awesome! You always have great projects on your link party – I will check out for sure.

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