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A Few Edible Flowers

Posted by Dani on October 3, 2011

In the height of summer when fall still seems so far away, it’s easy to take your garden for granted. But at this time of year as the weather gets colder, I find I really treasure the few things left. I like to grow edible flowers, which are hard to buy because they must come from a source that is pesticide-free and be used soon after picking. My favourite are nasturtiums – the peppery leaves are great in salads, where they add a taste similar to watercress, and the colourful flowers make a lovely garnish. Easy to grow, I just toss some seeds along my front walk in the spring. The flowers are still blooming, adding a little taste of summer to my fall salads. The garlic chives are also currently in bloom. Similar to regular chives but with a flat leaf and a distinctive garlic taste, I sometimes use them to garnish my dishes. As we head into October, I’m really enjoying the remaining blooms. Here are a few end-of-season pics!

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