Espresso to Go

Posted by Dani on December 23, 2011

These next two posts are a great example of the power of repackaging as we continue looking at ideas for low cost, high impact gifts this holiday season. During a recent visit to our local HomeSense, we saw this cute pink stovetop espresso maker for 14.99 and 2 sets of Bodum glass espresso cups with a yellow sleeve at $6.99 each, perfect for the coffee-lover in your life. The espresso maker was a good quality stainless steel Italian import, and the little espresso shot glasses were both practical and trendy. We also found some Italian gourmet chocolate to give a touch of added colour.

These could easily be wrapped up to make a lovely gift, but look at how much better everything looks when we discarded the boxes and presented it on a white serving dish wrapped in cellophane. This doesn’t really add anything to the cost, since we used a square dish from the dollar store, but it the impact is huge. For the final touch we used some inexpensive curling ribbon with some star wire garland , and an ornament to give it colour and sparkle. This looks like it could have been put together in an upscale boutique at a much higher cost, and we’re thrilled that we got such a great deal. Next time you’re looking for a special gift, think about our repackaging tips to achieve a high end look at a low-end price!

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