An Extreme Green Bean from Matt and Steve

Posted by Nads on February 28, 2012

Every couple of weeks we get together with our neighbours for a night of take out and cards.  It’s always a guaranteed great time, no pressure to cook or dress up or drive too far, just a night of competitive game play and a lot of laughs.  We usually open a bottle of wine (or two) and occasionally someone will get a little creative with a cocktail.  The last time we were there, our gracious host served us Caesars with a twist.  Regular Clamato, Vodka and some extra spice made up the perfect drink but they were garnished with something we had never seen before, Matt and Steve’s B’n Olives and Extreme Beans, pickled spicy green beans and spicy olives stuffed with green beans. 

My husband and I hit the roof.  These babies were delicious and seriously addictive.

The green beans are very crunchy with great texture, and quite spicy and garlicky.  They gave the Caesar an awesome twist.

The olives are extra large and have a perfect flavour of salty briny olive with a spicy acidy edge thanks to the green bean stuffing.  We couldn’t stop raving about them, so after finishing off the jar we proceeded to get online and order 15 more!  No kidding – all for us.  Look for them at your local specialty grocer or order them online too.  They are wonderful in a  Caesar, make a killer dirty martini and are a wonderful and unique addition to a charcuterie board.  Who would’ve thought green beans could make such an impact – we’re hooked.

On another note, I’d like to invite you all to share in our excitement and support our nomination.  Lifeovereasy is up for an Apartment Therapy “Homie” for Best Home Design Blog. Please take a minute to vote for us by clicking HERE. You will be asked to regsiter first, but its only name and email.  Thanks, in advance for your help!



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