Fab Foodie Holiday Gifts – Salty Spicy Nut Brittle DIY

Posted by Nads on December 12, 2013

spciy nut brittle

Here is a super quick, super easy and super impressive DIY to cook up for all your foodie friends or all your foodie guests.  This spicy tasty nut brittle takes about 10 minutes to whip together and is the perfect gift to have on hand during this holiday season.


spicy nut brittle

You can also chop up the brittle if you want more of a seasoned nut finish.  EVERYONE loves this easy recipe and it is soooooo simple to embellish – you can use any nuts, any spices, dried fruit, cereal, cookie bits – go NUTS!!!  You can find the recipe here when I blogged about it earlier this year, but I had to bring it back as one of my go-to recipes for the holiday season.  These nuts rock and I guarantee you will have loads of fun playing around with this fool proof recipe.  Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Fab Foodie Holiday Gifts – Salty Spicy Nut Brittle DIY”

  1. Yes! I actually like a similar thing from one of the Costco products where the nuts are prepared in some kind of caramel and other spices.

    Must pin this recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Rorybore says:

    My dad loves brittle! this would have been a great gift for him at Christmas.
    good thing his birthday is coming soon! 🙂

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