Some of My Favourite Things

Posted by Nads on May 25, 2013


I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and have waited for many many years to fill it with the drool worthy appliances and gadgets I see on those competitive cooking shows.  I love my gadgets, but what I love even more is the scattering of memories and pieces of my life that fill my kitchen too.  Here are two of the most precious pieces in that space.  I have kept them scattered around me on one shelf or another over the years.  A long time ago when the kids were young we started the rock painting and message writing on rocks.  Different sizes, I have found them to represent something a little more stable and solid than so many of their precious paper drawings.  You will find them scattered in my plants, throughout my yard, in my car and at the bottom of a purse or two.  Little pieces of beautiful sentiments and the occasional picture.  These are two of my favourites and give me a smile at least once a day.  The kids made them for me when we bought our first house, and for me they are a constant promise of a happy and sun filled future.  I guess they also remind me that in my kitchen, what’s most inspiring is not the fancy appliances or gadgets but the reminder that everything I create is really to share some love and comfort with those I care about.  Thanks girls.  And yes, I will keep that food coming.


2 Responses to “Some of My Favourite Things”

  1. Those are lovely keepsakes. They would make me smile too!

    • Nads says:

      so funny that such a small easy thing to do has had such an impact on me day after day. thanks for your comment!

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