First Day of School Cake

Posted by Dani on September 12, 2011

Or First Day of School “Anything”.  My thing is baking so I make a cake, but the point is to start a little tradition.  It could be a First Day of School trip to Dairy Queen, or a FDoS hot dog in the park.  It’s just a ritual or tradition to honour the beginning of a new year.  It’s easy to do and guaranteed to create great memories.

For years when the kids were younger, I used to wake them Valentine’s morning by throwing heart-shaped confetti at them.  I’m not sure how or why this goofy tradition got started, but for some reason I did it for several years in a row.  I didn’t think it meant much to them until one year I didn’t bother.

Well, THEN they were pretty clear about how much they loved the Valentine-confetti tradition.  I realized that these little traditions form a huge part of their childhood memories, and thinking that I’d better beef up the great memories in preparation for the difficult teenage years ahead, I decided to invent a new one – the FDoS Cake.

What kid wouldn’t think their mother was the best thing since sliced bread if she baked them a First Day of School Cake?  Just the kind of thing I could use as ammunition during some future teenage argument.   Well, that new idea went over REALLY well, and now we all get to enjoy a piece of cake together after school while we talk about their first day back.  Usually, I like to bake them something a little elaborate, like an angel food castle filled with strawberries and whipped cream.  Some busy years I’ve had to buy the cake from the grocery store.  Last year I was a little adventurous and tried a vegan, refined sugar-free icebox cake with soy based icing (reviews were mixed).

And this year it was plain old carrot cake with cream cheese icing, a stand-by from one of my favourite cookbooks, The New Basics Cookbook by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins.  Regardless of the cake itself, I’ve always enjoyed sitting down with the girls and hearing about their day.  Both of the kids are teenagers now, and I have to think that these good times mean something to all of us, and help in some way to take the edge off those difficult days that are inevitable in any family.

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