Garlic Where Have you Been?

Posted by Nads on July 15, 2012

Garlic is serious business in my family.  When to plant, when to pull, where to get the best planting cloves, how its growing, when to cut the tops – I could go on.  It’s a constant topic of conversation in my family (check out my post from earlier this year when the garlic first sprouted and my sisters recent post on garlic scape frittata).  Last year we lost our garlic to mother nature so this year has been especially suspenseful as we wait for the garlic to mature.  And ‘serious business’ is not a stretch – this year my family planted some 1200 (yes that is not a typo) plants in the cottage garden.

I guess we may have ‘over compensated” just a little given last years events.  We took a drive up today to check on the progress and low and behold we saw reams and reams of garlic.  Literally a wall of hanging garlic greeted us and my mind has been spinning ever since thinking of the different ways I will use it.

Home grown garlic is especially sweet and juicy, perfect with anything and everything.  Can you tell I love the stuff?  Luckily my husband does too.  Check out my shots and stay tuned for my upcoming recipes.  This is garlic lover’s heaven!

6 Responses to “Garlic Where Have you Been?”

  1. how2home says:

    wow ….that really is all i can say! Can you share with us the process/methods to grow these bad boys? This is so interesting!

  2. Nads says:

    honestly it’s really as easy as planting a clove in soil in the fall and then waiting for the babies to sprout in the spring. seriously that easy and seriously so satisfying. when they are ready to harvest – early summer – you need to pull them out and hang them to dry, that way the husks and shells dry out instead of rotting. after this you’ve got garlic that will last all through the summer, fall and winter!

  3. how2home says:

    Do they need to be planted in a certain area that has more/less sunlight? Im assuming also to water them on a daily basis and such?

    • Nads says:

      These are great questions. They do need sun but not overkill, but more importantly they need soil with good drainage so there is minimal chance of rotting. Watering should be limited to twice weekly but tempered with the amount of rain – you want the soil to be dry-ish but not dried out. Here’s a great resource with more information.

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