Glass Tile Photo Pendants

Posted by Dani on January 10, 2012

While I was going through the site looking for my resin pendant supplies, I was tempted by some of the other great looking projects featured on the site. I decided I would try to make some photo tile pendants, since some of the supplies were similar and I was having trouble narrowing down my choices from all the great photos I have sitting on my hard drive.
I had a great photo from a few years ago of my daughter sitting on the bow of a boat looking out at the lake with her best friend, our huge and loveable puppy, Sky. I tried to make it into a pendant for her that year, but I used the wrong materials and the picture ended up dissolving soon after in the shower – major fail. I happened to have another similar photo taken this past summer of my other daughter, and decided it was time to take another crack at making these puppy love pics into something permanent.
I wanted these pendants to be fairly small, since I thought the photos would be a little sweeter and easier to wear. Annie had some 16 mm glass tiles on her Etsy site – at $3.50 for a 25 pack, I thought these were a steal. The other items I needed for this project were small aanraku bails (to attach to the glass tile to create a pendant) and E-6000 jewelry adhesive.
Again, the tutorials on the site were invaluable. I reduced the photos to the right size using Photoshop. I used Glamour Glue instead of the Glamour Glaze to adhere the photo to the tile, since I had some glue already and Annie explained that it would work just as well here. The best way to do this was to apply a thick coat of glue to the textured side of the glass tile and press it down firmly on the untrimmed photo in the area I wanted. I pressed down hard to remove any air bubbles and wiped off any glue that oozed out. I let this dry overnight with a weight on top. The next day I trimmed the excess paper around the tile with an X-acto knife, and scraped the edges of the tile with the blade to clean them up. I coated the back of the photo with the Glamour Glue and added a small square of purple satin, to add some colour and protect the back of the photo. Next, I attached the bail using the E-6000 adhesive and used a large binder clip to hold it in place as it dried. The next day it was good to go, easy as pie!
This is great way to put some of your favourite photos to good use, and to make something unique and personal. Give it a try, and send us some pics of your projects.

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