Really Really Guilt-Free Ice Cream

Posted by Nads on April 2, 2013

Yes I’m that girl.  The one that spends way too much time trolling through supermarket aisles, picking up new products and reading through the labels.  It’s true no one wants to food shop with me.  It’s always a way-too-long winded experience for most but once in a while it pays off in a big big big way.  That’s what happened here.  I am having my latest supermarket love affair with the new Longo’s in Leaside.  It is a fantastic supermarket, packed with a lot of new items and stocked with a great selection of quality product (Fingers crossed Longo’s did not endorse this post).  Here’s my latest find and it is seriously off the charts.  Notice all the stars and sparkles around my pictures?  That’s how I feel about this ice cream.  Gluten free, sugar free, sweetened with Agave (yup you read correctly), cholesterol free, dairy free, additive and preservative free and made with a coconut milk base.  You would think with all those ‘frees’

it would have a terrible texture or taste really fake but it tastes HEAVENLY.  This is amazing ice cream and the fact that it is made with such healthy, wholesome and unprocessed ingredients makes it guilt free.  Seriously, it could provide you with your daily required dose of omegas.  I love healthy that tastes delicious and this tastes even better.  You must try this, it is nothing short of awesome.  Brought to you by Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss, Longo’s currently stock 4 flavors but I am really hooked on the Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge although I did just buy a Dark Chocolate for the first time which I have yet to crack.  This tip is worth GOLD, I guarantee you will want to send me hugs, kisses and baked goods to thank me for introducing it to you.  No joke, it’s that awesome.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Thanks to Luna and Larry – yes they’re real!



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