Halloween Help

Posted by Nads on October 25, 2011

Unlike my sister Dani (who is a bit of a decorating diva herself, but that’s another post), holidays are a lot of pressure at our house.  Why?  Because we live a couple of doors away from the Martha Stewart of holiday decorating.  Every holiday, the neighbors are on a decorating mission – indoor and out.  Their home décor is always perfectly executed (impressive but not over the top) and all their festive paraphernalia is removed within 24 hours of the holiday’s end.  We, on the other hand, tend to throw something together at the last minute, usually with dollar store finds, and it looks a little sad (sometimes they have been known to spread a little neighbor love and decorate our house while we’re inside!).  Halloween is their mega holiday, when they pull out all the stops and haul out a seemingly endless supply of meticulously labeled boxes.  It usually takes them a day or so to set up hidden monsters, music, dry ice and an elaborate entranceway staged like a graveyard. I will be sure to enclose pictures of this year’s production, but what I am really looking for is some help.  I desperately need ideas to decorate my front porch, preferably easy to put together, economical but still impressive.  Please send suggestions and I’ll let you know how we do!

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