Handblown Glasses By Paulus Tjiang

Posted by Dani on July 5, 2013

handblown glasses by Paulus Tjiang
Love love love.


I just love these so much!

The hubby and I took a long drive together today to the town of Hastings to pick up a paddle.  The reason we had to pick up a paddle is a bit a long story, one involving a big inter-family canoe race challenge, and 2 very competitive brothers, and some intense paddling by the hubby who apparently is still strong enough to break 2 paddles in half.  Kinda hot and mortifying at the same time.  Anyway, it was long past time to replace the damaged goods, so we took a little day trip out through the Ontario countryside to visit Cannon Hill Woodcraft, who make the most beautiful paddles.

On the way we saw a sign for the town of Warkworth and had to make a detour to see one of my favourite people in the whole world, potter Monica Johnston.  She and her husband, Paulus Tjiang, run Frantic Farms, a clay and glass gallery in town.  They were my first pottery teachers many years ago, and became good friends.  Not only are they incredibly talented, but they are also the nicest people you will ever meet.  And there is nothing better than supporting local artists like these two, who add so much to the community and are just plain awesome.

handblown glasses by Paulus Tjiang

I have always believed that handmade things really enhance a home.  They just give a different energy from things that are mass-produced.  Being a bit of a hobby potter, I understand how much work is involved in making tableware by hand.  I have seen people balk at the cost of a handmade mug – why pay $25 or $30 when you can buy a mug at the dollar store?  But a disposable, mass-produced piece just does not feel the same in your hand.  And I believe artists and craftsmen contribute something valuable to society, and their work needs to be valued and supported.

And, besides all that – I just love his glasses!

Over the years we have often bought pieces by Monica and Paulus, for ourselves and as gifts.  Today we splurged on some of Paulus’s gorgeous glassware.  We already had a set of 8 glasses that my mom gave me at least 15 years ago.  We have used these regularly all that time, and they are all still intact.  We use them for water, juice, wine – just about everything.  They have been in the dishwasher hundreds of times.  And the best part is, at a party no one loses track of their glass because they are all a different colour!  Over this time, I have broken countless cheap glasses.  But these babies are solid.  That’s good value!

Here is a shot of some from the original set:

handblown glasses by Paulus Tjiang

I have been looking to add to my set, but Paulus doesn’t make this design any more.  Today I feel in love with these beauties and decided to mix and match instead.

glasses by Paulus Tjiang

And then the hubby found the glasses of his dreams.  We like to drink wine out of tumblers in my house – old-school-Italian-style.  Rick loved this set of low tumblers, perfect for wine, scotch, and whisky – all the man-necessities.  The hubby never splurges on himself, so how could I say no?

handblown glasses by Paulus Tjiang

And then, just ‘cause that’s the kind of guy he is, Rick tucked these beauties into the box when I wasn’t looking.  I fell for them hard, but just couldn’t justify that many new glasses in one day.  And so he made the decision for me when my back was turned, and surprised me with them when we got home.

handblown glasses by Paulus Tjiang

So basically, we are fully stocked for any drink emergency.  If, say, a Lifeovereasy fan happened to be in the neighbourhood and happened to be very thirsty, they could just knock on the door and get a nice, fresh glass of water served in a beautiful lavender and green hand-blown glass.  Unless Rick answered the door, it which case it might be Scotch on the rocks instead.


Find Monica Johnston from Frantic Farms at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, on this coming weekend at Nathan Phillips Square. This show is one of my favourites and definitely worth a visit if you are in the city.  And it’s free!

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