Harrods Food Halls – Eye-Popping, Delicious Fun!

Posted by Dani on October 26, 2011

Despite hearing that the Food Halls at Harrods are over the top, I was totally unprepared for the sight as I wandered in. I kept expecting Willy Wonka to pop out. The huge choice, quality, and variety of foods brought to mind Harrods motto: Omnia Omnibus Ubique – All Things for All People, Everywhere. Total sensory overload – a foodie could get lost here for hours. Gourmet charcuterie, international cheeses, caviar, quail eggs, Iberico ham, oyster bar and sea grill – the list goes on. We bought delicious grilled wraps with chicken satay and chicken tikka masala. Being casual Canadians, we couldn’t wait to dig in, but we were politely informed there was no eating in Harrods. Such a shame! Wandering through there sampling all the delicious food would me my idea of a great time.
I think it would be a real treat to able to do your groceries here, ‘cause my grocery store sure looks nothing like this! Let’s have a little tour and fill our cart, shall we?

First stop – the butcher, where the meat is suspended behind glass. Have you ever seen a butcher like this?

And then some fish……….

Need some veggies to go with the fish?

This is the cutest egg display I’ve ever seen!

How about some fresh porcini?

Now, I’m not sure what English potted cheddar is, but I’d love to try some!

We need some bread to go with that!

And of course, we can’t forget the caviar!


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