I Found My Heart In…Times Square – BIG installation

Posted by Nads on February 2, 2012

image copyright bjarke ingels

Hot off the heels of his speaking engagement at IDS this weekend, Bjarke Ingels’s firm BIG is in the news again with their Valentines Day installation in Times Square New York.

The firm’s work seen all over the globe is nothing short of awesome – creative, innovative and so smart in its approach to design and function. Incredibly inspiring, check out this talk from TED Bjarke gave in 2009 on a couple of BIG’s projects.


On the Valentines Day installation, from designboom.com Feb 1st, 2012

Danish architecture firm BIG (bjarke ingels group) behind this year’s large valentine’s day installation situated in New York city’s Duffy square, at 46th street and Broadway.

“BIG(heart)NYC’ is a 10-foot tall cube-like structure composed of 400 transparent LED acrylic tubes enveloping a large red heart that is suspended within. The cylindrical components refract the surrounding bright lights of Times Square around the symbol of love. The interactive art piece pulses with a glowing red luminosity whereby, people’s interaction with one another intensify the beating of the brightly, burning heart. The large-scale work blends well with Duffy Square’s TKTS booth by Perkins Eastman, whose ascending red stairs provide a visual harmony, while also offering a place for passersby to sit and reflect.

BIG’s installation is the fourth edition of the Valentine’s Day ‘heart sculpture’ project hosted by the times square alliance. The project is conceived in collaboration with flatcut and local projects. The installation’s structural engineering is executed by robert silman associates, and illuminated by zumbtobel lighting.

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