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I Heart Rob Ryan

Posted by Dani on March 23, 2012

I have to start this post off by admitting that I am hopelessly sentimental. Over-the-top sentimental. I cried at a Budweiser commercial once. Seriously. And so when I come across something that tugs at my heartstrings, I pretty well fall in love with it right away. Rob Ryan’s art is like that for me. Rob is a London-based artist who specializes in screen-printing and papercutting. I first found him on Etsy, where his intricate and detailed paper cut outs captivated me, and I added him to my mental wish list. Imagine how thrilled I was to stumble across these Rob Ryan plates while I was in London last fall with my daughter – I thought they would make the perfect souvenir of a great trip.

This series is called Four Trees, Four Seasons. His designs are playful, and his words are whimsical yet deep – I read them and the simple, heartfelt wisdom really hits home. Rob admits on the packaging that he is unashamedly sentimental, so I guess we’re alike in that way. But he’s wise, too, and points out some simple truths that are often too easy to forget. On one of my plates, Rob tells me that other planets cannot be as beautiful as this one. On another one, he reminds me that really, we’ve always had it all. So true, Rob, and what a gorgeous way to say it!

Here is a great little video interview with Rob, produced by Etsy, where you can see him discuss his art and his process. Have a look!

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