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Tasty Waters

Posted by Nads on October 14, 2011

After getting a massage at a local spa, I took some time to relax in their lounge.  Sipping on water flavored with cucumber slices got me thinking.  I often throw a slice of lemon or lime into my water, but why couldn’t water be flavored with other things?  Later at home, I looked around my herb garden for inspiration.
Mint was a natural choice, but what about supplementing it with some of the other exotics I had?  Pineapple sage?    Chocolate mint?   Lemon thyme?   Wild fennel?  Just place long stems of your herbs of choice into a clear pitcher, add some ice and use a muddler to macerate the herbs slightly.  Leave some of the stems intact as well – they look absolutely gorgeous in a pitcher filled with water. Here I used long stems of wild fennel and some lemon slices.

After an hour or so, the water is gently flavored with a licorice taste and the pitcher makes a beautiful centerpiece.

Any ideas for your own combos?  Send them my way, so we can share.

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