HomeSense Fall Preview: 10 Great Styling Tips For Your Home – Part 1

Posted by Dani on July 16, 2013

cocktail shakers
Nads and I were recently invited to attend the HomeSense fall preview. And while I am really loving the summer weather that’s finally here, it was great to have a chance to look ahead and have a peek at some great ideas for glamorous fall décor. The displays were really inspiring, and I loved how the styling of the fabulously-priced merchandise gave it a high-end look. I’m a real high-low kind of girl, and nothing makes me happier than finding the right mix that makes my shopping deals take on boutique appeal.

Styling can make all the difference in giving your space a pulled-together, polished look. This is something I am working on learning, usually by trial and error. I picked up some great ideas courtesy of HomeSense, and I wanted to share. Here are 10 Great Styling Tips you need to know to make your home look fab.


1. Use Display-Worthy Edibles For Low Cost Décor

These soda bottles probably only cost a few dollars and look fabulous!

soda bottles on display

Why not leave out a few fancy sweets for your guests to nibble on when they visit? I think these look just as good on display as any decorative object. And they’re way more delicious!

shelving on a wall, wallpaper


2. Group Like Things Together For High Impact

Cluster like items together to add more visual weight. Look at how these 3 different trees make a higher impact when grouped together.

3 christmas trees

Here, a bowl of extra Christmas ornaments dresses up a side table.

christmas ornaments


3. Trays Make Everything Look Better

Use trays to give groupings a cohesive look and to add a polished touch.

tray of snacks and drinks

Even utilitarian things look special if you put them on a tray.

desk tray


4. Show Your Beautiful Books

I’m a real book lover. Why not pull out your favourite ones to add a personal feel to your space?

books and bookends

coffee table books


5. Put It Under A Bell Jar

What doesn’t look special under a bell jar? Pinterest is full of great examples of using bell jars in a decorative way. You could use 3 of anything with these jars – green apples, ornaments, a set of collectibles, 3 single flowers – you get the idea. This vignette is also a great example of grouping like things, and using food as display. That’s 3 styling tips in 1!

bell jar display


I’ve got 5 more great tips for making the most of your decorating efforts. Come back next post for the rest of the scoop.


14 Responses to “HomeSense Fall Preview: 10 Great Styling Tips For Your Home – Part 1”

  1. MyDirt says:

    Oh I love the bell jars and the display of books! I can’t wait to decorate like an adult when we get out of this rental house!

  2. These are great tips that can apply to many different styles. I’m obviously partial to decorating with food, but I like the idea of trays. They make anything look more organized and you can see everything. No hunting in baskets or bins…

  3. Everything is very pretty and all but…nooooo I can’t see Christmas ornaments. No!

    I am JUST enjoying the summer in Vancouver and I am NOT ready to even smell or perceive autumn yet, let alone Christmas lol

    I’ll come back here in November, thank you 🙂

    • Dani says:

      So true! I have such a hard time seeing the fall clothes start to show up in stores during the heat of August. Doesn’t seem right!

  4. Jo-Anna says:

    Ooooh, how lucky! I love how chic everything looks! Buuuuut I just can’t do Christmas yet, lol!! 😉

  5. Dani says:

    So true – I just cannot get used to the retail cycle. Seeing the first Christmas things in stores the day after Halloween always startles me a little!

  6. Thanks for the tips and beautiful inspiration – I love HomeSense!

  7. Tia says:

    Oooo! Those bookends are gorgeous!! I love HomeSense; and would love to attend a sneak peek sometime!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks Tia! I fell in love with the bookends too. There are quite a few things I will be keeping my eyes out for this fall!

  8. Bronwyn MayB says:

    I love what you did with the books. I’ve only recently started displaying them like that, but I love the gold accents!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks for dropping in Bronwyn. I also love the gold – adds a bit of glamour and we could all use a little of that, right?

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