HomeSense Fall Preview: 10 Great Styling Tips For Your Home – Part 2

Posted by Dani on July 17, 2013

mounted ceramic deer head
Ready for more fab styling tips for your home? Here’s the rest of my roundup from the HomeSense fall preview.


6. Create Colour Groupings

Colour can tie together disparate objects and help create a unified look. Here, this grouping works because all the objects have warm gold tones.

gold accessories


7. Add Glamour With Gold

And speaking of gold…gold tones are big for 2013, and nothing adds glamour like a touch of this warm metal. Gold pairs well with any colour and brings a luxurious feel to your room.

gold styling

I fell in love with these dramatic gold-rimmed plates.

gold rimmed plates


8. Accessorize Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table’s not just for coffee! It’s an important focal point and an opportunity to add some style. Get rid of the newspapers and drink coasters and dress up this space. Use a tray to hold some of your favourite things. Make it practical as well as pretty – include some books that you like, and a beautiful box to hold useful items like pens and reading glasses. How about keeping a nice deck of cards or backgammon game handy for impromptu fun?

white coffee table


9. Pillows Are Your Friend

Pillows are a great low cost-high impact item. The right pillows can add a hit of style to a room, and they’re easy to change when you need a new look. These ones are a fun way to introduce some texture and contrast.

upholstered chairs, pillows, HomeSense

I especially love the graphic hit of these black and white ones.

homesense, upholstered chairs, pillows


10. Have Some Fun!

Why so serious? Adding something quirky and unique makes your space your own and gives it personality. Use inexpensive accessories so that it’s easy to change up later, and add a DIY touch to make it really original. Have some fun with it, like HomeSense did here with their trophy wall.

homesense, trophy wall

And check out this great print showing an architectural drawing of a margarita recipe – a clever addition to your bar area or dining room.

homesense, graphic print


Keep in mind that the best part is that all of the things in these pictures are great deals. There’s nothing better than getting a high-end look for less. I already have a list of what Nads and I will be keeping our eyes peeled for this fall during our frequent HomeSense sister shopping days. I’ll keep you posted!


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