Homestyle Lobster Rolls

Posted by Nads on September 22, 2012

While spending time out on the East coast, I couldn’t help but get inspired by all the locals spoils.  We decided to treat ourselves and have one of our favorite decadent meals – lobster rolls.  This is something you usually get from a shack on the side of the road, but in my experience the BEST meals I’ve ever had are home-made versions of those comfort foods you usually get in a restaurant for take-out, made  in your own kitchen.  I decided to have a try and I must say the result was sublime.  Here’s my recipe for Homemade Lobster Rolls:


Start with those soft white rolls, straight from the grocery store.  We brushed with a bit of butter and BBQ’d for a smoky flavor and just the right crisp.


We took some capers, chives, pickles, fennel, and celery and diced finely.  We added salt and pepper to taste and mixed that with 1/2 cup of mayo.


We chopped up a lobster tail.  Lobster is exceptionally cheap this year, we bought our own and cleaned them.  Lobster rolls seem like a really decadent treat, but I’ve seen lobster at my local grocery store for as little as $5.99 per pound.  Three lobsters can run you under $20 and this will make you at least 10 lobster sandwiches.  Serve with some specialty beer and coleslaw and you have a perfect outdoor evening dinner treat.



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