Iced Lattes

Posted by Dani on August 20, 2012

Here’s my go to drink this summer – decaf iced latte with stevia. There’s nothing bad in it so I’m sure you can have at least 7 a day. Which is about how many I have been having lately. With these iced lattes, and Aperol spritzes, you can make it through this hot summer.

I use Kicking Horse Cliffhanger Espresso decaf – the only water process decaf I have found that tastes like real coffee. Top it off with milk – use skim if you want to be really good, although I like 2%. I sweeten it with stevia, the only all natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index, so this latte is sugar-free. Sometimes I use a little maple syrup for a nice caramel flavour. Either way, it’s a relatively harmless treat – perfect for a hot summer day.

2 Responses to “Iced Lattes”

  1. how2home says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Stevia but haven’t had the chance yet. Is it any good? Does it have that weird after taste that you get from aspartame?

    • Dani says:

      Stevia is an excellent sugar substitute, I use it all the time. It does have a slight aftertaste, but it’s not unpleasant at all. It also depends on the type of stevia you use – i find different brands sometimes taste different. Good luck!

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